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"Why study acting?"

There is often a misconception about technique (or "craft") and the importance it plays in the various mediums of the acting industry. So much so that it has become a subject of mockery, myth and often urban legend of its extremes (Can we retire the "what's my motivation?" trope from the lexicon of lampooning precious actors?). Regardless of whether one learns as they go as an autodidact or they graduated from Yale Drama School they are employing some form of technique.

When Konstantin Stanislavsky began his journey on the stage he was simply figuring out what worked for him. His 'System' (often mistook for 'The Method') was started as a young boy performing for his family and friends and simply taking notes on what was effective. This elaborate process evolved over years from voice to movement to emotional intelligence.

Our job, like his, is to discover what works for us. Luckily, there have been over a 100 years and over a thousand techniques to borrow from as we will. Ultimately, we have to brave enough to trust our own systems and employ them as wee see fit.

The Studio's goal is to discover what works for each individual and cater to their needs in order to develop a process that makes them confident and unique and inspirational. To develop past conscious effort into instinct so that tecnique become that thing you employ only when you aren't completely lost in the scene.

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