Beginning Acting Class in Denver Colorado


Acting Fundamentals

Beginners / Non-Actors

This accelerated 6-week workshop is for students new to the studio.  The aim is to give the student a broad understanding of the acting field and prepare them for further study.  The class is designed to improve confidence, garner skills, learn professionalism and inspire artistic creativity.  After completing the workshop, actors will be evaluated for progression into one of our ongoing 'Scene Study' classes.  Some of the topics this workshop will touch on:

- Improv

- Monologues

- Scene Work

- Script Analysis

- Cold Reading

- On-Camera Information

- Industry Information

- Self-Tape Audition Information

- NO audition required

- Students must interview by phone

  or on Zoom for placement.

- Ages 18+ (17 with Todd's approval)

Tuesdays - 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

6 weeks

Starts May 17, 2022

Waiting List

* Waiting List 

* Please note – This workshop is FULL.

We are happy to place you on our contact list and keep you updated on future workshops.

* Please contact us for our workshop schedule in Los Angeles & Pasadena

Colorado Acting Classes Scene Study


Adult Scene Study


Mixed Levels

This class is intended for mixed levels of experience, from those returning to acting to the working actor getting familiar with Babcock Studios. Todd does not believe in Acting 101, acting pyramids, or set levels of advancement. Acting is intuitive and creative, and students can come to it with a natural aptitude beyond their years.


Class is structured in the form of scene study as a way to deliver exercises, instruction, directing, and personal revelation in order to develop each actor/ actress to their best work.

This class creates a nurturing environment where students learn their own internal process and begin to construct a system through guidance and encouragement.

- Ongoing, month-to-month class

- Todd assigns scenes specifically to the actor and what they are working on from material from film and television. 

- Students are expected to conduct themselves as professionals, rehearse outside of class, bring all necessary items for their scenes, and be off-book. 

* Waiting List 

* Prerequisite - Acting Fundamentals Workshop

* Please contact us for our workshop schedule in Los Angeles & Pasadena

On-Camera Film Acting Class Denver Colorado.jpg


Adult On-Camera Acting

Intermediate / Advanced


This on-camera acting class is similar to our scene study classes, though with an extra "eye" towards the camera.  Preparation, analysis, and emotional truth are explored within the confines of the camera frame.

Students will view classes live and on monitors as shot sizes, angles, and direction change with each take and adjustments are made. This on-going class examines how the truth translates to all formats but gives on-set training for honing it specifically for the lens.

- All new students to Babcock Studios are placed in our "Acting Fundamentals Workshop" or one of our "Adult Scene Study" classes.  This is to familiarize the student with the way our classes are taught and develop a language of working with Todd.  Once Todd feels you have an understanding, you will be asked to join one of our more advanced classes.  Please know our classes, regardless of level, are taught to the individual.

* Waiting List

* Prerequisite - Minimum 2 months Adult Scene Study.  Todd must approve your placement into this class.

* Please contact us for our workshop schedule in Los Angeles & Pasadena

Denver Teen Acting Class


Teen Acting Class

All Levels

Currently Not Offering

There is often a gap between "children's classes" and adult professional training. Into that space fall many advanced younger teens and young adults who have outgrown kiddie classes and want to and are ready to be treated as professionals.

This class is designed for that tween performer who is ready for the professional expectations of a Hollywood set. In a fun, creative, yet demanding environment, each young person will start developing their own system of how to work in a safe environment. Scenes from film, television and theater will be employed to build their intellectual, emotional and creative strengths. They will also learn a great deal about how "the system" works and what they can expect as they grow into the artists/professionals they want to become.

Ages 13 - 17 (12 with Todd's approval)

- NO audition required / must interview before placement

* Please contact us for our workshop schedule in Los Angeles & Pasadena

Denver Masters Film Production Class


Masters Film Production


Invitation Only

This invitation-only project is an on-going experiential workshop fusing acting and content creation. Using only original scripts written and developed by the actors. In this workshop, not only will students perform but learn the various disciplines of production.


Each 15 session cycle will create a short film or web-based project focusing on performance. Actors will then have experience along with content for their reels, festival submissions, and a starting point for creating their own media channels.


This workshop will evolve and develop over time and experience with the primary purpose of the actors creating content for themselves, learning to be self-starters, and becoming a part of a creative and productive artistic community.​

- Invitation-only from established studio members

* Please contact us for our workshop schedule in Los Angeles & Pasadena

Acting With Autism Workshop in Denver Colorado


Acting With Autism (AWA) Adult Workshop

Currently Not Offering

Babcock Studios' media workshop for students on the autism spectrum / developmentally disabled is an interactive, collaborative and creative endeavor designed to integrate its member's natural talents as well as cross them over into other aspects of storytelling.

The workshop is multimedia and utilizes the many different skill sets and interests of the students. Incorporating writing, animation, drawing, voice-over, puppetry, digital FX, improvisation and classic acting principles. The final projects reflect the unique voices of the individuals that create them.


The AWA workshop is designed to be limited in size in order for each student’s voice to be heard and developed.

Todd was the ‘Acting Specialist’ at FACT Family/adults with autism program in Los Angeles for 3 years.

8 Students Max

- No audition required / must interview before placement

- Ages 18 +

* Please contact us for our workshop schedule in Los Angeles & Pasadena