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Grey Delisle visits Babcock Studios workshop at F.A.C.T Family in Westwood

"Do you know Grey Delisle?" That was one of the very first questions out of the mouths of one of my students when I started a year ago doing a workshop with the F.A.C.T. Family/ GAP program in Westwood for young adults on the autism spectrum. I was invited in as the "acting specialist" after the administrator learned I had just opened my own studio at the time. Not knowing what I was actually agreeing to, I blazed into their rowdy conference room months later with that familiar anxiety of the unknown giving me verve. Walking in it was crawling with rambunctious students jazzed from calories after their lunch hour and bouncing off the walls. One of them literally. As any classically trained a

Russell Simmons - Faith And An Idea

"If you have faith and an idea it can never go away. You have to stay on your hustle. It may evolve. It may not be what you first envisioned." - Russell Simmons

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