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Spock, Snowden and Hawking: The Inner Volume of Silence

There is a common misnomer when talking about acting around the concept of "doing nothing". It's when an actor is still and not speaking and we are left to stare at their face hopefully wondering what they are thinking. Sometimes this is just a moment in time or can extend through an entire performance. The direction or coaching can often be heard as , "I don't want you to do anything. No acting!" To many a performer this direction can drive them absolutely crazy. It's a bit like trying to meditate when unpracticed. Instead of clearing your mind all it does is invite anxiety. On the outside an audience member may watch such moments and think, "Well, I could do that!" Perhaps true. With the r

The 'Whiplash' Effect and the Tortured Artist

In the movie 'Whiplash' a young, promising jazz drummer gets into a prestigious music school and then proceeds to struggle to get into an elite band lead by an abusive conductor. That, as they say, is the 'log-line' of the film. Nothing controversial on the surface. You may have thought upon hearing about it, 'Well...I don't know much about jazz" or the like and put it in your 'watch list' for HBO or Netflix. As time has wore on, I've been hearing more and more polarized opinions about the piece and what it says about us as artists and professionals. To somewhat spoil the plot aspect of the movie, the drummer (played by Miles Teller) gets selected to the orchestra after campaigning repeate

'Moonwalking with Einstein': On Acting and the Art of Memorization

When one finds themselves coming to acting at any age one of the first obstacles they encounter is memorization. As time and experience on-stage or in front of the camera continues it becomes less and less of a dread and simply an accepted part of a longer, expansive process. That is unless one is taking on 'Hamlet' or texts of equal breadth and then the "How am I going to remember all this?" fears start to creep back into the mind. Like all acting techniques there are varied roads to gaining the confidence to not fear your cues or be caught remembering when you should be doing. Some, like Anthony Hopkins, use immense repetition of reading the text. He claims to read the script 30 times befo

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