On Set Acting Coaching

On-Set Coaching

Inadvertently, much of the focus of a production, the actors, gets lost amidst the lighting, sound, and massive organization that is a film or tv production. Having an on-set coach can keep the direction of the actors in rhythm as things unravel around them.

Prices vary depending on the length of commitment and size of the cast.


Please contact us directly for long-term coaching possibilities by hitting the 'Contact Us' button below or on the contact page.

* Adults & Teens

Ages 13+

* Denver, Boulder, Los Angeles, Pasadena & Across the country

Acting Resume Writing Service.jpg

An acting resume is not the same as other professional resumes and writing your 1st or updating your 50th can be confusing and/or time-consuming. 


All sorts of questions can arise. 

What information should I include or omit?  How do you format it properly? 

How do I personalize without looking amateur?


We take the stress out of creating a professional/modern resume by doing it for you.

* Los Angeles, New York, Colorado & Across the country

Private Acting Coaching

Private Acting Coaching

Currently Not Accepting New Ongoing 

Private Coaching Clients

 Auditions and productions have a way of coming into our lives when we least suspect them and are least prepared.

If you'd like private coaching on an audition or performance please contact the studio. Pricing varies depending on travel and circumstances.


In-person - (rate adjusted for on-site travel)

Via Internet - (must have Zoom, Skype, Facetime, etc.)


* Adults & Teens

Ages 13+

* Denver, Boulder, Los Angeles, Pasadena & Across the country

Private Acting Career Counseling in Denver Colorado

Acting Career Counseling

One of the greatest obstacles in the long road of the performer is the vast unknown. There are so many roads and detours and dead ends that it can be overwhelming and exhausting to contemplate. With each new experience comes a new set of obstacles and even more questions. Sitting down with someone who has traversed these paths backwards and forth again can bring great perspective, focus and peace of mind.

* Adults & Teens

Ages 13+

* Denver, Boulder, Los Angeles, Pasadena & Across the country

Public Speaking Coaching

Public Speaking

Acting isn't simply a vocation of pretend. It's a philosophy. Beyond the myths and superficiality of the Hollywood perception of the actor comes a deeper understanding of the art form. From this endless journey of understanding ourselves, our narratives and where they connect with the outside world comes a great expanse of perception. In these modern times of editing our social perception, personal media and representing ourselves on-screen there can't be a greater time for this examination.

Using the tools of analysis, improvisation and personal behavior examination, I'll discuss how acting is not just for actors anymore but a powerful tool to help any and all professionals in their fields.

* Denver, Boulder, Los Angeles, Pasadena & Across the country