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Alex Datcher Los Angeles Acting Student
Alex Datcher, Actress

'Passenger 57', 'Star Trek: The Next Generation', 'Goode Behavior', '18 Wheels of Justice'

"I've been very fortunate to have spent 20 years acting and I give much of the credit to 2 compassionate, insightful and talented acting teachers - Robert Carnegie & Milton Katselas (rip). In a city full of outstanding entertainers and movie experts, it's difficult to convince anyone you are worth their time but I've been blessed.


Now I have a third extraordinary teacher/coach to be grateful for. Todd Babcock is among the gifted.


He guides his students to find clarity in their characters, truth in their language and strength in their vulnerability. We ultimately understand beauty in the flawed which teaches us compassion and brings joy in the performance.

Thank you Todd for simply seeing what is true about the facade and making the impossible reality. I am grateful you share your talents of molding story and inspiring people like me. We are better for it. I am better for it."

Elliot James Moore Pasadena Acting Student
Elliot James Moore, Actor

'Kirby Buckets', 'Please Stand By',

Named 'Artist Of The Summer' at Interlochen

 Age 17

Jesse Burch Los Angeles Acting Student Testimonial
Jesse Burch, Actor

'What To Expect When Your Expecting',

'The Mentalist',

'Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy'

"Todd Babcock is that rare combination of teacher: he has the insight and intelligence required to properly break down a scene, as well as the sensitivity and determination to wrest the ideal performance out of the player -- both of which bring the best out of the actor. In addition, he's just a great guy to have in your corner. I cannot recommend Todd more highly."

Dear Todd,

I want to thank you for your true patience and enthusiasm and sensitive craft knowledge working with me.


In the last 4 years I have grown to understand the subtext of what an actor needs to truly understand when breaking down a character.


Your belief in me to stretch has each step of the way given me more confidence.

The most important aspect I believe is your spirit and love of the performing arts.


You inspire me to look past the words on a paper.  I have great trust with you as my teacher and coach. I know any young actor will be in good hands with you.  


There are many teachers out there, and I am so lucky to have found you.


Thank you for helping me believe in my dream.  Thank you for being real.  Thank you for your talent.

All the best Todd, till we meet again.  

Oh, and I am so glad you are on SKYPE!

Nancy Gaines International Speaker Denver Student
Nancy Gaines, CEO

CEO/Founder Gain Advantages, Inc.

International Speaker 

20 years consulting Fortune 100 companies


As an international speaker, I worked with Todd to improve my delivery and connection with the audience. He has the best ideas! Being coached by him is really fun – not stuffy and formal. He knows exactly where to insert the ideal emotion – humor, seriousness, or joy.


You will love working with Todd in whatever capacity you need – acting, speaking, or just learning a new skill.


He truly has a gift."

Ann Ryerson Los Angeles Actress
Ann Ryerson, Actress

'Minority Report', 'Constantine', 'Caddyshack', Curb Your Enthusiasm', 'Grey's Anatomy'

"Todd and I have participated as actors in a playwrights development group for several years now.  The moment Todd joined the group I thought, "This guy is GOOD!".  I became even more appreciative of his work, the more I saw him. 


Full commitment, well prepared, brings intensity and energy to everything he does. That's my summary of Todd's work. As a teacher, he inspires those same high standards in his students."

Jason Arkles Sculptor and Artist
Jason Arkles

Writer, Producer, and Host of the popular

podcast 'The Sculptor’s Funeral'

"I was lucky enough to know Todd Babcock in my earliest formative years as an artist. I learned much from him, but above everything else, it was from Todd that I first learned how much passion and conviction a person could have for an art form. It was from Todd's example that I learned to take art seriously, and without that, I wonder where my courage to make a life in art would have come from."

Cailin Harrison Los Angeles Acting Student Testimonial
Cailin Harrison, Playwright / Screenwriter / Producer

"As a writer/producer, who has worked with Todd on numerous projects over the years, I can honestly say I was excited to hear he was starting his own acting studio.  


He has taught me so much about what focused, studied and informed acting brings to a script.


I am confident that he will enlighten his students with the skills of detailed script study that can electrify an audition, the screen and the stage."

Sheryl B Los Angeles Acting Student Testimonial
Sheryl B.,
Actress / Model

"I love being able to work out scenes in class while getting notes and critique on the spot, so I can adjust myself and be aware of myself in the moment.


Todd has been able to help stretch me and expand my abilities to new levels. He challenges me in the best ways and I feel more confident and assured of myself in my craft.

I recommend him to everyone who is looking for a great film/tv focused scene study class. You can also work with him one on one.

Great, safe, passionate class environment with great classmates!"

Gary Rubenstein Los Angeles Acting Student Testimonial
Gary Rubenstein, Actor

'Suburgatory', 'Better Off Ted', '2 Broke Girls', 'Anger Management'

"I have known and worked with Todd for sometime now and he is one of the most passionate actors I know. He cares deeply about not only his own work but helping others to be the best they can be.


Any actor would be lucky to be coached by him. You can't help but be a better actor after working with him." 

Reeb Venners Los Angeles Film Editor Testimonial
Reeb Venners,
Award Winning Film Editor

“Todd throws a rare level of enthusiasm and energy into every class and his approach is grounded in decades of hard-won experience in the acting world, during which Todd’s keen power of observation and knowledge of down-to-earth technique has been honed. Todd takes the creation of a safe place very seriously. His actors visibly feel comfortable to have fun, bond and experiment and then are lightly but firmly pushed to go further and deeper into the material, no matter their skill level, producing the alchemy, inspiration and excitement of a great acting ensemble. Todd does not hesitate to take whatever time is necessary to allow an actor to take a grow. He also spends additional time with actors, offering advice on the industry and suggesting career steps to take. Each class is a vital opportunity given by someone who loves and obsesses over his art form and gleans obvious joy from offering his expertise and skill to others. I cannot recommend his classes enough.”

Andrew Fognani Denver Acting Student Hea
Andrew F.,
Actor / Filmmaker

Babcock Studios is an absolutely amazing place to be for an actor! Todd exudes passion for the acting process as well as filmmaking itself. He brings an energy to the class that I rarely have seen in an acting class and I have been fortunate enough to study at many in LA. He has an understanding and nurturing quality that has brought out some of my best work. Todd also comes from a wealth of experience and is not just another acting coach/guru who has never stepped foot on a set, or stage . He has a multitude of credits and approachable knowledge of the business, which is by far the hardest aspect of this medium. He is a mentor as well as a friend and I trust him, which may be the most important point of all.

As far as my colleagues in class, they are amazing! The support and encouragement is tremendous and creates a truly wonderful place to be. I look forward to continuing my journey on this wild ride there.

If you are interested in being an actor, or just want to break out of your shell you have to give Babcock Studios a try. I think everyone and anyone could benefit from a class.

Lauren H Pasadena Acting Student Testimonial
Lauren H.,
Actress / Comedian

"After months of research and an exhaustive search for the right acting class, I began studying with Todd in June of 2015. I was immediately pleased with my decision. Todd is a wonderful teacher/human, and he genuinely wants to see you succeed and grow. Every student, every class, gets stage time and instruction from Todd. It's very collaborative and I leave class feeling a little stronger and more empowered than I was before. 
Bottom line: Todd puts you at ease, makes sure you feel safe and heard, and he knows when to push you to be your best. I've learned a lot about myself over the past five months. Acting is giving me permission to be brave and loud and bold and crazy and honest and emotional and out-of-control and real. If you're looking for a gifted and caring teacher with good hair, Todd's your man."

Tyler M TADAM photography acting student Denver Testimonial
Tyler M.,
Photographer / Actor

I was searching for a studio and mentor that was focused on the romance and passion for the craft. My primary goal was to learn the skills necessary to be self-reflective and intentional on stage. It was clear Todd was the right mentor at our first meeting. Todd approaches his instruction and sessions with personal investment: he knows what it takes to succeed in the business and is invested in getting you to drive for success. But it starts with learning the craft, immersing yourself in it, and carving away our preconceived notions. If you are looking for a professional who is not satisfied with rubber stamping his students, a mentor who is passionate about excellence, and an experience that will take you out of your comfort zone, schedule time with Todd to meet. Highly recommended.

Stacey R Acting Student in Denver Colorado Testimonial
Stacey R.,
Actress / Filmmaker 

Todd is a champion for each and every one of his students. He believes in you so fiercely that it becomes impossible not to see the same potential in yourself that he does. He doesn't go easy on you. He will find your weaknesses and put you to the task of strengthening them. But, like a great personal trainer, he manages to make this workout so fun and rewarding that you can't wait to come back for more. Trust is the key ingredient to any successful mentorship, in acting perhaps more than anywhere else. You need only observe Todd coaching one scene to know that you can trust him to give you precise, constructive feedback, without ever condescending to you or belittling your ability, intelligence, or talent. The more you open yourself to his suggestion, the more you will learn about yourself, both as an actor and a human being. The sense of respect and support that he fosters in class is palpable in the atmosphere, meaning that you will not only gain a great teacher, but also a rich community of beautiful and talented actors who will always be in your corner. 
I really cannot recommend him highly enough. Also, he's f***ing funny. This studio is really something special.

Jennifer L Denver Colorado Acting Student Testimonial
Jennifer L.,

Principal at Grand Orchards Advisors, LLC

Wow...! Just wow...! I loved every class at Babcock Studios. It had been a life long curiosity to learn the world of acting and it was extraordinarily good fortune to have Todd Babcock bring the world of Hollywood to Denver. 

The success of the studio is truly evidenced by the regular opening of class with calls for celebrations for students completing successful auditions during the week. We were all confident and prepared by the thoughtful approach to acting and, in my opinion, the application was far better than any traditional theater study. At Babcock Studios, students and teacher discuss concepts as they happen with energy and passion. What better way to learn than in the moment...completing a scene, hearing a critique on the depth of the character, and doing it all again until it feels like the true essence of the scene is supported in your work. 

Todd brings his spirited energy and technical know-how to every class. We were always challenged in such empowering ways to dig deeper- to understand the scene and appreciate the characters, the writers, the directors, the set, and all the thoughtful details of recreating another life on stage. The analysis of every scene and for every student gave me a much greater appreciation for the art...and for the heartfelt thoughtfulness of creating an emotional connection in ones work and with others. It was tough to relocate and leave the class in Denver.

Todd, Denver and your students are lucky to have you.

Melissa Keller Actor Colorado Student Review
Melissa K.,

Joining Babcock Studios is HANDS DOWN one of the greatest things I've ever done for myself. I've gained skills as an actor, grown as a person, and gotten opportunities I never could have imagined as a direct result.

If you're considering trying out the Acting Fundamentals workshop, just do it! You'll be met with the most welcoming, genuine group of people I've come across in my adult life. The studio truly is an environment where everyone wants each other to succeed and grow. Every single person will be 100% in your corner 100% of the time.

That goes for Todd too! Will you be challenged in class? Absolutely, but you'll have loads of fun in the process. Todd has created a class structure and environment where it's comfortable to be challenged because it's okay to fail. He's got an impressive ability to read people and help students level up in ways that work for them. It's abundantly clear in everything that he does (and he puts in a LOT of work for his students!) that he's a professional, experienced actor and teacher.


If that hasn't convinced you yet, take it from a MAJOR introvert: I signed up because I wanted to gain some skills so that I could voice act. In a closet. Away from people. Where it's, you know, safe. I audited ONE Scene Study class while I was in Fundamentals and knew I was hooked, and now (one year later!) I'm auditioning and landing roles in front of a camera. How wild is that? I'm so glad I took the leap and so thankful for Todd and the studio. I can't recommend it highly enough!

Kim Pember Actor Headshot
Kim P.,
Actress / Filmmaker

Babcock Studios: A Life Changing Experience. Hi There World!! Nice to meet you! I am a 4* yo wife, mom, and dedicate storyteller. I moved to Denver 2 years ago from Austin Tx, looking for a acting studio to continue my training. And, if you've been in my situation, you understand how unnerving it can be to arrive in a new city, knowing no one, searching for a studio that is led by a mentally stable mentor and a community devoid of cliques and cake sniffers ;-). It's daunting, horrifying and rare. Well, I can say utter conviction, Babcock Studios is just all that and more. Todd Babcock is mentally stable as far as we can tell, and a joy to learn from. He has created an environment and culture unlike anything I have ever experienced. Todd is one of the most ethical, caring, supportive and even at times, funniest mentors I have ever worked with. I've been working in the film/tv industry for quite some time however, when I arrived at Babcock Studios, I was struggling from the lack of confidence that was instill in me from previous teachers and ultimately MYSELF. I doubted my instincts, my process, my instrument. I was throwing money in 5 different directions to 5 different teachers in order to fill the insecurity beast. I felt like my work was lack luster at best, because I was afraid of "doing it wrong, " because I had been told "You're doing it wrong." That kind of teaching scarred me as an actress and a woman. Todd has given me back my confidence, the courage to lean into my instincts, owning my work, and trusting that there is "no wrong way"- just stronger choices to explore. He encourages us to blaze our own paths- whether that's in the studio working scenes or outside creating our own content ie: screenwriting, playwriting, producing our own projects. All the while, offering his vast knowledge in all aspects of the industry- in front and behind the camera or curtain. He's like a child on Christmas morning when he sees us making our own dreams a reality. Without Babcock Studios, most of us would still be daydreaming instead of creating. The community of players, THE FAMILY- my brothers and sisters, are some the most creative, talented, GIVING human beings I've ever met. The dedication we have towards each other is palpable not only in class but outside with supporting each other in writing, art, music, film production, staged readings, attending each other's performances, gathering for holidays and play days- the list goes on. No cliques, no vengeful drama queens- just love. Since attending Babcock Studios, I have auditioned for major network series as Reservation Dogs, Better Call Saul, Big Sky. Hollywood directors such as Rian Johnson and Asher K. Levin and have booked feature films starring major Hollywood legends and rising stars. I am represented by 3 different talent agencies in 3 different regions. And now, due to all the support, have written my first full feature film and 3 shorts! The care and support of Babcock Studios has boosted my career and personal life in ways this little country girl could not have imagined. If you're someone who's curious about acting, scared of acting but has a strong desire to attempt or even a seasoned veteran looking to be challenged and to grow in your art, Babcock Studios offers a safe, loving, exciting, fun home that will change your life, as it has mine. Babcock Studios is my forever home, and I couldn't be more grateful. Now...stop wasting time reading my amazing review and sign up! Only beautiful things await...Much Love, Kimberley Pember

Megan C Colorado Acting Student
Megan C.

Before finding Babcock Studios, I could never have imagined feeling so comfortable in a space like this. From the moment Todd greeted us in my first Fundamentals Class, I knew I had found the right studio. To preface: I have massive anxiety and panic disorder (too personal?) and it has kept me from pursuing acting since I was a kid. I think I read every testimonial and explored every aspect of the website before basically throwing myself into this class as a form of exposure therapy. I don’t think it’s possible to have found a safer, more supportive space or community all while growing and being challenged.

I attended my weekly fundamental classes and audited the scene study and on-camera classes as much as possible. To walk into a community of actors or creatives who are all extremely close yet to feel incredibly welcomed, even have others make sure to meet the newcomer and chat, was honestly an unheard of concept to me before experiencing just that at Babcock Studios.

On day one, Todd’s acknowledgement of how scary it is to walk through that door and be seen and noticed was the exact moment I knew I was right where I should be. Todd has a ton of passion and energy for teaching and supporting every person at the studio. He puts so much into really helping each individual grow as an actor.

I gained more than 6 weeks’ worth of confidence and knowledge after the Fundamentals workshop and have since started applying, auditioning, and working as an actor, which was not something I thought I would feel ready for any time soon. I am so looking forward to continuing my work at Babcock Studios and absolutely encourage you to take the first step and get through that door. There will be so many warm, talented people ready to welcome you.

David Soule Actor and Filmmaker Denver Student Review
David S.,
Actor / Filmmaker

Babcock Studios has been, and always will be my set away from set! (see what I did there) My first experiences as an actor were built on the fundamentals taught at this studio, and they have been amazing. Todd is a true master of his craft and his enthusiasm for the art and industry is truly contagious. With the guidance of both Todd and Kassie I find myself on a path that I would not have imagined possible a year ago. I would highly recommend that anyone who has an interest, a curiosity, a love, or a passion for the art of acting to attend these classes. As for me, I find myself ready to take on the world of acting head-on, but I will never forget the memories I have build, and I will always consider Todd and Kassie as my guiding light as I make my way down this exciting path!

Thank you both for your dedication to the studio and the members that attend, you are inspirations to say the least!

Breea Little Denver Actress Review
Breea L.,

If you’re ready to challenge yourself and change your routine then you’ve already made the decision to enroll at Babcock Studios.

Todd’s ability to see people, not just what you currently are but the potential you’re trying to reach, make him one of the best teachers to-date I’ve every had.

He’ll challenge you, collaborate with you, push boundaries while respecting your limits. He’ll tap in to all the aspects of what will make you an incredible actor, and then train you on how to utilize those techniques. Todd has an amazing balance teaching everything from large picture business skills, on-set knowledge, all the way down to the minute detail of a scene.

His dedication to the studio and you as a student, coupled with his assistant Kassie’s amazing attitude and communication, are what make his classes the highlight of your week.

Tyler E Denver Colorado Acting Student Testimonial
Tyler E.
Actor / Filmmaker

I've taken classes a few different schools, and Babcock Studios has completely changed my life. I have never come across a teacher that is more invested in their students and dedicated to their success. He strives to give you a realistic atmosphere for your work and future by changing your character on the fly, giving cold reads and stretching your capabilities.


On a side note, I have never come across a group of people more supportive than the fellow students at Babcock Studios. Every person there is helping push their classmates to the next level, creating their own content and sticking together like family. Since I joined the studio, it is like I added 30 people to my family.


If you're looking to build a network of actors, study with a very knowledgeable, supportive and challenging teacher, and work in a safe, judgement free area, Babcock Studios is the perfect place.

Natalie O Colorado Acting Student Headshot.png
Natalie O.,

Although my time in Colorado was cut short due to a career move, I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Babcock Studios. I was impressed with how organized the studio was from the initial inquiry to the completion of class. Todd is great and he truly cares about his students and their performances as actors. He has a way of breaking the characters down which then allows us to succeed in the art. If you are a beginner actor or seasoned one this is the place for you. I learned so much detail about the industry which has prepared my next steps as an actor. Thank you Babcock Studio for a great overall experience!

Devin Ward Colorado actor.jpg
Devin W.,

Acting is a craft unlike most. In many professions, emotional investment is emergent and comes from your work's consumption of your time and headspace. With acting, it seems you have to invest emotionally as a forethought. It's hard to produce believable emotion without putting as much of the actual emotion into the performance as you can. And that's where Babcock studios comes in. I haven't taken any other acting classes, but what I've found in the studio is a safe place to practice and explore emotion. Todd makes it a point to keep the place judgement-free, which allows the students to put their best foot forward and see where it goes. Also, Todd's advice and stories of his experience as a working actor are priceless to someone trying to feel out the idea of a career.

Samantha Garcia Colorado Acting Headshot.jpg
Samantha G.,

I have grown so much as an actor learning from Todd. He creates a space where new and young actors can try new things and be challenged to meet new limits. The expectation and professionalism is encouraging and the class is always nothing but supportive. I always look forward to attending class and getting a new scene that is going to push me as an actor.

Derek Strong Acting Headshot
Derek S.,
Actor / Filmmaker

This studio is amazing and has a lot to offer for anyone from any level of experience. I walked into the studio looking to enhance my leadership skills in the corporate area. which it did. I loved it so much that my life now revolves around acting and film production, to the extent that I have started my own company.

Babcock studios will prepare you to get out of your comfort zone, while at the same time creating an environment of trust. The people I have met in the studio are some of the most creative, courageous, and friendly people.

It is really nice to learn from an expert who has spent a career in L.A. and working on numerous TV and movie sets. Todd has created a unique experience that you will not find anywhere else in Colorado.

I highly recommend taking classes at Babcock Studios.

Nicole P Denver Acting Student.jpeg
Nicole P.,
Actress / Filmmaker

Acting classes with Todd Babcock at Babcock Studios have been an amazing investment! Even though I had acting and performance experience, starting with the Fundamentals workshop helped me learn both industry knowledge and dive back into practical acting exercises.

Continuing into the scene study class has helped me keep my tools sharp in between castings and the community of actors is of such a high-calibre that many of us create and draw from the Babcock student community for our own film projects. The ability as a student to audit each class is also extremely beneficial.

The advanced study waitlists are a testament to the value so many students get by joining the studio and, through auditing until placement, can be a great way to learn through observation, prep yourself for class, and develop relationships in the community.

Todd takes each student's success he brings into his studio seriously. It is an honor to work with him, benefit from his decades of Hollywood experience, and of course have fun geeking out about cinema, film, and acting techniques!

I highly recommend this studio.

Alora C Los Angeles Acting Student.jpg
Alora C.,

Every single person I know, including myself, who got coaching from Todd in the art of acting, became a better actor. He has a gift. His knowledge and insight into the craft is impressive. And he's a great person.


If you are combing the internet looking for that leap in your acting skills you've been seeking, you've found it. I'm not kidding. He will deconstruct and reconstruct you into better than you've imagined.

Angie K Denver Coloraddo Acting Student Testimonial
Angie K.,
Actress / Filmmaker

About a year ago, I walked into Babcock Studios for the first time. Since then, I haven’t left. From Fundamentals to Scene Study, private coaching and studio events, I have grown as both an actor and a person, and I’ve had the best time doing it. The community at the studio is a safe space made up of the coolest people who I enjoy being around. First and foremost is Todd, who treats each of his students with respect and insight. He cares about each of us as people and develops us in our craft through his knowledge and effective approach. Kassie compliments Todd’s interaction by being one of the most pleasant, helpful, and encouraging people I’ve ever worked with. She efficient and detailed in her communication. Furthermore, she speaks life into us by supporting each of us behind the scenes. Babcock Studios. Highly recommended!

Austin C Denver Acting Student Testimonial
Austin C.,

Honestly I could not say enough amazing things about Todd Babcock and his studio. It's where I have set my feet for a long time as an actor in training because I continue to be challenged. He has helped me grow as an actor tremendously. Todd has a way of communicating with, and helping grow, the new actor as well as the seasoned professional actor. He will meet you where you're at. He is a gifted communicator, teacher, and, to me, he strikes the perfect balance b/w being encouraging and honest/truthful in his acting feedback to his students. I recommend 100/100.

Hunter C Denver Colorado Acting Student Testimonial
Hunter C.,
Actor / Filmmaker

I have been studying with Todd for almost two years. He is an amazing teacher that really gets the best out of you. He will push you to succeed and become the actor that you strive to be. You will grow as an actor and as a human being. I highly recommend his class!

Deloris Evans Denver Acting Headshot.jpg
Deloris E,

It's very hard to find quality studios here in Denver. But, Babcock Studios is one of the very few places that you can go and actually get top notch training. Not only will you develop your skills and learn the business of acting... you end up with a wonderful coach who actually believes in you and truly supports you. He provides a safe space for his students and everyone there supports one another. It's a wonderful place to be.

Jaron Robbins Acting Headshot Denver Acting Student.jpg
Jaron R.,
Actor / Filmmaker

I have been a student at Babcock Studios for a year now. Todd and his students made me feel instantly welcomed from the moment I stepped foot through the doors of the studio. Todd has an amazing ability to help my strengths as an actor shine and he pushes me in areas of acting that I find challenging (which only make me an all around better actor). Todd’s experience in the industry matched with his passion and care for his students, make him an amazing instructor. I have already become the type of actor I never thought could be (especially for the fact that I started my acting career later in life). The scariest part of the studio was getting myself to take that first step through the doors on my very first class (boy was I nervous and scared!). Within five minutes of stepping through those doors, all my fears and insecurities vanished and I knew I was where I was meant to be. Todd and his studio have truly changed my life and I wish I could take his classes every singe day of the week. I encourage anyone contemplating joining Babcock Studios to take that first step through the door. You’ll be so glad you did and will wonder why you didn’t take that first step sooner!

Rachel M Colorado Acting Headshot.jpg
Rachel M.,
Actress / Filmmaker

The best acting studio in Denver! Todd has created a special and unique environment for those interested in acting. Everyone is welcome at the studio, doesn't matter if you've never acted a day in your life or are an experienced actor. I joined the studio over a year ago with no knowledge or experience, just a desire and passion for acting. As soon as I completed my first class of fundamentals, I was hooked. Todd and his students welcomed me with open arms and made me so comfortable. The environment at the studio is incredibly supportive and nothing but encouraging. Attending class is always the highlight of my week.

I would not be the actress I am today without Todd as my instructor. He saw my potential and challenged me each week. He taught me how to trust myself and discover my own process. I found myself at this studio and am now confident enough in my skills/talent to start auditioning and create my own projects.

I promise, you won't regret joining the studio. I can't sing Todd's praises enough. It's NEVER too late to give it a try and pursue your dreams. My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner.

Meghan Gestos Acting Headshot.jpg
Meghan G.,
Actress / Filmmaker / Producer

Having the opportunity to learn from Todd has been life-changing! I have learned to hone my craft over the past few years through a progression of classes: Fundamentals, Scene Study and On-Camera. Todd really encourages a deeper understanding of the characters being portrayed, which aids in bringing their narrative to life on set. It is quite beautiful to watch him nudge actors to trust their ability and feel the work they are doing. The community within the studio is the most welcoming and encouraging group of artists I have ever known. I have made life-long friends here :)

River Thompson Headshot.jpg
River T.,

Well, if you’re reading this you’re already dipping into your curiosity about the studio. Let me be frank and brief. Follow your intuition, and let this studio be the platform where you explore that, your self, acting, and the human form with impunity. I found and explored all of those things in my two years here. Todd is the next great acting teacher of this generation, and an even better human and teacher. You have every resource, every opportunity, and every reason to touch the sky here.

Julia Miller Acting Headshot.jpg
Julia M.,
Actress / Filmmaker / Producer

Joining Babcock Studios was one of the best things I have done for myself. I was new to acting and felt right at home at the studio. Todd creates a safe and fun space to learn and grow as an actor. His intuitive teaching style, through years of experience, provides a trust between him and the actor. Todd's way of teaching and his knowledge of the industry has been a driving force in my love for acting and the continuation of classes at the studio to better my craft. I started in Babcock Studio's Acting Fundamentals course, moved into the Scene Study class, and then into the On-Camera class. Not only am I grateful for Babcock Studios, Todd and Kassie, but for the incredible people that have come through the studio doors that have become dear friends. I highly recommend this studio to anyone curious about acting and/or those with years of acting experience. Do it!

Mikka N Denver Colorado Acting Student
Mikka N.,

What Todd has created at Babcock Studios goes beyond any simple acting classes. He of course covers the technique and process of acting, as well as the experience of being On Set. But beyond that, he's created a safe space for people to express themselves, learn in an environment which they feel comfortable, and to grow not only as an actor but as a human being.

The time and effort that Todd puts into making sure everyone has a personal and relatable experience is reflected in his enthusiasm and passion for acting and watching the growth of his actors.

I think it is no exaggeration to say Todd has changed my life for the better as well as for many other people who have stepped through his door.

Shelley M Colorado Acting Student
Shelley M.,

Todd has a wonderful way of teaching. He creates a very safe space in which to learn. He's respectful of his students, collaborates with them to challenge themselves and has a warm teaching style. Todd has such a wide breadth of experience, and I trust his direction. Bonus: He's really funny, and he has great stories. If you can get a space in his class, jump at it!

Frank G Colorado Acting Student
Frank G..,

Whether you are looking to turn this into a career, or just looking to try something different and have some fun, Todd and his staff are very professional, personable, and great to work with. The lessons you learn are not only applicable to acting, but lessons that you can apply to your life as well. Nothing but great things to say about Todd and the time and effort he puts in for you to become a better actor and better person.

MacLean Z Denver Acting Student Review
MacLean Z.,
Actor / Filmmaker

I had the opportunity to work with Todd Babcock and his studio for over a year and a half, starting with his Fundamentals class and progressing through the Scene Study, On-Camera, and Master Production classes and projects. Todd goes directly to the heart of acting, bringing in the tools of the craft as they apply to each person’s need for self-awareness. What does it mean to be “authentic” in a character? What choices are you consciously or unconsciously making? What does it take to be vulnerable and free at the same time? These are some of the important questions that I explored with Todd while playing like we used to as kids. I highly recommend this experience if you are serious about acting, and if you want to work with a wonderful group of people.

Monty Dickson Denver Colorado Acting Student Testimonial
Monty D,
Actor / Filmmaker / Producer

I have been studying at Babcock Studio for over a year and hope to be for the rest of my life. This studio has been such an incredible part of my life. Todd has made me a better actor each and every week. One of the most motivational guys I have the pleasure of knowing. Always on top of his game and on the grind, I don't know how he does it. Not only a great teacher who will cultivate your acting and overall filmmaking, but a very caring, good guy. With a truly delightful office manager in Kassie!

Everyone involved in Babcock Studios is top notch and will take Denver and the world by storm.

Chris S Los Angeles Acting Student
Chris S.,

"Seeking a class that could help me develop my skills as an actor, and further my acting career, I found Todd and Babcock studios via a Google search. Todd interviews each prospective student which helps him learn each students motivation for being in the class, but also goes a long way in making sure that the class is a great learning environment for each student.

Classes with Todd have exceeded my expectations. I've grown so much as an actor. With Todd's help, I've learned how to do more in depth character study, and learned how to more readily access the depths of myself to bring a character to life.

Todd is a dedicated teacher who genuinely wants the best for best students, so much so that he personally created a demo reel for me, and met with me to walk me through the next steps to take to further my acting career. Todd's investment in his students is true, genuine and a godsend.

If you're looking for a studio and teacher where you'll be pushed to grow, be able to work a scene frequently in class, and get great tips on furthering your craft, then definitely check out Todd Babcock and Babcock Studios."

Ashley D Denver Acting Student Review
Ashley D.,

I have been at the studio for almost 2 years and within that time Todd has aided in my growth as an actor and as a person far beyond anything I could've expected. I have had the luxury of being able to take both the scene study and on-camera class, each guiding me through various parts of the industry and personal growth as an actor.

Each week students are greeted with a new challenge from cold reads to audition prep to having to design a set from an underwater scene. Todd is always there to champion the actors and guide them through any situation, allowing for mistakes but encouraging growth.

The network of students within the studio is outstanding and they bring an energy that I've never encountered before joining the studio. I have never come across a more creative and supportive group of people that go out of their way to show love to other students. The studio has become family and I am thankful to be apart of something truly exceptional.

Kat W Acting Student in Denver Colorado Review
Kat W.,
Actress / Filmmaker/ Producer

I have been studying with Todd at Babcock studios for about a year and a half now, and I have to say it was the best decision I have ever made. I have not only grown exponentially as an actor, but I have come to find a home and family at the Studio. I was so nervous upon entering the Scene Study class on my first day, as I’ve had so many experiences with other studios feeling elitist and judgmental towards the newcomer. Not only did Todd embrace me with the love and respect he lends to every actor at his studio, but the students were so kind, warm and supportive. Babcock Studios is the whole package. Thank you to Todd for nurturing my craft and thank you to Babcock Studios for nurturing my soul.

Kenny Headshot.jpg
Kenny P.,
Actor / Musician

I stumbled upon Babcock studios in the Fall of 2018 and decided to sign up for their “Acting Fundamentals Workshop.” I had a cursory interest in acting and had no idea where to start. The fundamentals workshop was created to introduce someone with no idea what this acting thing is all about to the industry and art form. I’m an extreme introvert but decided to step way out of my comfort zone to try something completely contrary to my personality. It turns out it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I completed the workshop and decided to stay on with the studio moving into the “Adult Scene Study” coaching curriculum and am still part of the studio over a year later. Todd is one of the most engaging speakers and teachers I’ve ever had the great fortune of working with. I entered the studio terrified of what I was about to get myself into...and found a welcoming, safe and judgement-free space. I found it to be an extremely gratifying experience and I encourage anyone who is considering checking out the studio to take the plunge and give it a try. Even if you decide to take the fundamentals workshop just to see what it’s all about and nothing more, I promise you will leave that studio better than when you arrived.

Andrea S Denver Colorado Acting Student Review
Andrea S.,

Todd is a great acting coach. He knows how to get the best from the actors. He really cares about everyone and their goals and what they want to do in the industry. I also love the people at the studio. Everyone is very supportive and talented! This has been a great reentry into acting for me!

Arianna Labrado Headshot.jpg
Arianna L.,

I've attended this studio for a little over a year now, first going through the fundamentals class -which is a MUST for anyone who wants to know about the industry and doesn't have the ability to stay for longer. It is a great overview of everything you'd need to know about, and you get some great training along with it! Then through months of the scene study class. The environment here is like nowhere else. Todd has created a place that is safe, fun, and supporting. Its a place to make mistakes and learn and grow. I learn so much during every class, and watching myself and others grow in this craft is so rewarding. I can not recommend the studio, and Todd, enough to anyone who wishes to grow as an actor. Thank you, Babcock studios!!!

Megan E Colorado Acting Student Testimonial
Megan E.,
Actress / Filmmaker / Producer

Truly the best! I've been with the studio for over a year now and couldn't be happier. I didn't have any acting experience when I first started, but Todd is such an incredible acting coach and has taught me so much - plus everyone at the studio is so supportive! I couldn't imagine my life without acting and Babcock Studios now!

Allie E Denver Coloado Acting Student Testimonial
Allie E.,

I've been taking classes at Babcock Studios for about a year and I will continue to do so. The enthusiasm that Todd brings into the class room is contagious. I have seen so much growth in my acting skills that I can't thank him enough. I auditioned for a Netflix movie during the summer, I did not get it but it came down to me and this other person for the part. The casting director sent an email commenting on my acting skills. I'm so inspired about the craft as well as the journey and I highly recommend anyone who is considering taking classes with him. If you want to learn how to act, you have to seek the best coach who is the best and clearly, Todd is the best of the best.

Michael H Denver Colorado Acting Student Review
Michael H.,

I have never learned so much in a weekly three hours in my life. Even just watching classes and not receiving direct feedback gives tons of wonderful insight. Todd is a phenomenal teacher and truly cares about his students. The feel of the place is electric. Never have I met a more kind-hearted, loving group of people. This place changed my life.

Kate M Denver Colorado Acting Student Testimonial
Kate M.,
Actress / Filmmaker

I've been at the studio for a little over six months and didn't know if I would continue, but I'm so glad I did. Almost every student describes the studio as life-changing for a reason-- it is. Todd creates an environment where you can both succeed and stumble and still feel empowered to come back and try again. There's a good reason why nearly every student says these classes are life-changing-- they are. Todd will meet with you one on one before you start to get a sense of your goals and continue to work with you during your time at the studio. He has also successfully created a space where fellow classmates are respectful and just as invested in your success as he is. I've built a very strong network in a very short time because of Babcock Studios, and I couldn't be more grateful.

Ben Whittle Colorado acting student
Ben W.,

I have been attending Babcock Studios for about 10 months now and I'm can't imagine learning anywhere else or from someone better. Everyone is always inclusive, encouraging and excited about how you progress. Todd is a great teacher who pushes you to excel every time you show up.

Gabriella O Colorado acting student
Gabriella O.,

When I walked in the door to take the fundamentals class, I was extremely nervous because even the idea of taking an acting class pushed me out of my comfort zone. Todd immediately created a safe and supportive environment that allowed me to take my guard down; his passion was both infectious and encouraging. The fundamentals class is a great start for anyone who has ever had an interest in acting or becoming an actor. The course is aptly named as the fundamentals learned in this course are really the basis used for the other courses offered at the studio (and truly any acting role). After I finished Fundamentals, I took a few months off before starting the scene study course which I am currently enrolled in. Every scene I have worked on has challenged me and made me grow as an actor and a person. Todd does not give line readings, but teaches students how to create an analysis for a character and bring that analysis to life. The unique environment of passion, trust, and support has allowed me find a creative side of myself that I had previously neglected. I am so happy that I decided to take that first class at this studio and can’t wait for the continued challenges and growth. This studio is not just for actors but is a great place for people interested in directing, creating content, or just trying something new. I would highly recommend Babcock Studios.

Aaron Shedron Colorado Acting Headshot
Aaron S.,

Todd's studio is the foremost reason I've truly fallen in love with acting thanks to having a wonderful learning environment to take risks and figure out the art of acting in a very thoughtful way. He's (and everyone else involved at the studio) extremely diligent at bringing out the best in people and even in the times of dealing with Covid his passion for acting led him to find a way to keep things open. The students that build up the community are all wonderful people and a joy to work with. Whether you're brand new and curious or experienced I highly recommend considering the studio.

Kristine R Colorado Acting Student
Kristine R.,
Actress / Filmmaker

I've been at this studio for a little over 2 years and honestly have tried to write a review 5+ times. I can never seem to put into words what this place has been like for me, but I'll try. Some of the basic things that you should know is that this place always has a great range of ages (don't let "I'm too young or old" be the reason you don't join), it will become a "safe place" for acting exploration but also I'll note that I've had some major off-days or crash-and-burn first takes and still have never felt major judgement from anyone but myself, and the most notable characteristic from this studio is the energy, which I can only describe as upbeat, encouraging, safe, and family-like.

Todd is encouraging but also not afraid to push and challenge students in healthy ways. I've honestly seen so much growth in so many students and have personally felt so much growth.
When I first joined this studio, I hadn't been in an acting class for maybe 10+ years. I was so nervous that I was trembling and I was so stomach sick from nerves that I sat by the door incase I needed to step out to puke haha. But I knew I wanted to do this. I love thinking about that because of how safe and homey the studio feels to me now. About 6 months in, I was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease. I've been at this studio throughout the entire process of treatment, which has been incredibly hard to say the least, but I've still always felt welcome here even when I'm walking into the studio secretly feeling like hell and I'm struggling hard to give my best. Throughout my 2 years at the studio, I went from feeling terrified of acting but had a gut feeling that I needed to at least try, to realizing that I wanted to be doing this even if it meant struggling through a brain bacteria to be able to do it, to learning in very hard ways to be patient with my healing body and be okay with a slower process, to eventually booking some small gigs and suddenly realizing that there is no feeling in the world like this, to eventually getting representation with a local agency and feeling sorta comfortable and confident enough to be sending in auditions for local projects. I truly feel like so much of the progress that I've made with acting has been because of this studio and Todd's approach to each individual student. If you *actually* want to do this and you're willing to shove all your excuses in the trash can and are willing to do whatever it takes, even if it means that you occasionally look a lil weak along the way, there's definitely a seat for you at this studio.

It's also a good choice if you don't have any excuses and are in perfect health haha.

Scene Study 'The Big Sleep'.JPEG
Shahnoz Y.,

I have been a student of Babcock Studios for a little bit over a year and let me just say what a happy, positive, creative, safe, professional, goal-oriented, driven, and just simply great place it is!

I remember in 2019 when I was looking for an acting school in Denver area, deciding between AI and Babcock studio, and actually applying to both at the time, getting an instant communication from Todd Babcock studio to my inquiry was a solid predicament of my decision. From that day forward I never looked back at AI or any other school.

I love the classroom setup and structure that focuses both on individual performance as well as having an opportunity to audit fellow students' performance and take valuable notes and suggestions from Todd.

2020 was a challenging year for all businesses across the country, but Babcock studios met and exceeded expectations with their compliance for safe and healthy workplace environment by following strict guidelines from CDC and CDPHE. My day job is in healthcare field and was truly impressed with the studio's level of commitment to provide its students a happy and healthy place.

Finally, I just want to add that the scenes from movies we as students work on, the costumes, the props, cool background, cold reads and improv, challenging array of acting exercises that help you navigate through various emotions from laughter, to tears, to total apathy while adding a foreign language accent to your scene - my goodness what an amazingly beautiful and challenging experience that is!
Todd's love for the art of acting shows from the first day you meet the maestro and it's contagious!!!

Rodney William Denver Acting Student.jpe
Rodney W.,

The best studio I have been to in Denver. Family atmosphere and the scene work is great! Not only do you work on scenes that help you to grow as an actor, but you also feel like you’re on set every class because of all the props and furniture that we are able to use to create our scenes.

'If You Were The Last' Scene 2 On-Camera Colorado.JPEG
Cort L.,

When I initially contacted Babcock Studios to sign up for their Acting Fundamentals workshop I was apprehensive, unsure why I thought I had any business in an acting class. The nerve. Luckily, all my worries were put to rest within five minutes of speaking on the phone with Todd.

Todd Babcock's energy and passion are contagious. He understands the type of hangups that a beginning actor may have and creates a safe, welcoming space where students are encouraged to push themselves and fail without fear of judgement. A six week workshop was not nearly enough and I am looking forward to getting back into the studio post pandemic.

Students are encouraged to audit all the classes that the studio offers and I was so impressed with the level of talent at the studio. Todd is fostering a wonderful little community of creative types. Denver is lucky to have him.

I would recommend Babcock Studios to anyone who has ever harbored that dirty little secret of wanting to act. Give it a shot. It's worth it.

'The Crown' Scene Study Denver Colorado.JPEG
Natalie B.,

I signed up for acting classes at Babcock studios because as I was advancing in my career, it required me to make group presentations. I hated group presentations because I did not like being in front of people and it made me incredibly nervous. But I did want to continue that climb up the corporate ladder so I signed up for acting classes. Little did I know that I would enjoy it more than I thought I would and I never would have guessed the personal growth I achieved. And presentations don't phase me at all anymore - I don't even think about it or dread like it like I did before taking these classes.

Part of what makes Todd's classes so great is the culture he cultivates. It's a culture where play is encouraged, continuous positivity even with providing feedback, openness, and respect towards everyone. I've not only seen the growth in myself, but also in every single actor in his class. Every actor has developed and improved their craft and it's amazing to watch everyone's transformations.

Duncan Y.,

I have had a wonderful experience being in the recurring classes at Babcock studios for more than a year now. Todd has really helped me step my acting game up to the next level. I came to the studio with just an interest in acting and now Todd has gotten me to the point where I've been able to regularly land roles.

Paul Pirkle Denver Colorado Acting Stude
Paul P,

I have loved studying acting at Babcock Studios for about a year. In addition to Todd's creative and energetic teaching style, he sets the stage and everyone in the studio is "all in" to create and preserve community. I always look forward to the next week's class!

Maggie Darlington Colorado Acting Studen
Maggie D.,

I love this studio! I’ve been a part of Babcock studios on and off since 2018.

I’m always nervous to get into class but every time I return, I am welcomed back into the studio as if I never left. And every time I return I am personally blown away by talent of those around me. Todd is a great coach. His number one goal is to make each and every person grow each and every class. You’ll learn a lot and have a lot of fun doing it!

Ollie Stanford Acting Headshot Denver Co
Olivia S.,

Babcock Studios is a warm and welcoming place to grow as an actor. Todd is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable instructor who only wants the best experiences for his students. I would recommend joining the studio to anyone!

'The Great' Monday Scene Study Kelly & Geno.JPEG
Kelly S.,

My experience at Babcock Studios was life changing! Acting was something I had always wanted to try, and Todd Babcock opened the door and made me an actress! The skills I have garnered and the community that I found here have given me more confidence in myself and taught me to “yes and” life. Highly recommend Babcock Studios for all aspiring and veteran actors.

Zachary Molloie Acting Headshot Headshot.jpeg
Zachary M.,

I had such an incredible experience taking classes at Babcock Studios! I had no acting experience before I enrolled in their Fundamentals class, but Todd, his team, and the other actors were so welcoming and fun! Todd is an amazing, professional teacher, and he has cultivated a special environment at Babcock Studios. 

Ryan Reich Acting Headshot Denver
Ryan R.,

Babcocks is a special place — I could not recommend Todd’s studio enough. The studio members are like a family — and Todd treats them as such.

Ariadna Trillo Acting Headshot Denver
Ariadna T.,

Joining Babcock Studios has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. The studio is a haven for all actors to come learn, be inspired, and find the best version of themselves and their work. Todd's energy and passion is contagious, and his dedication to each and every one of his students is unparalleled. I cannot recommend Todd and the studio enough!

Alec Story Colorado Acting Student
Alec S.,
Actor / Filmmaker / Producer

I've been going to this studio for about 2 years or so, and I love it. Todd is an extremely passionate, intelligent and supportive person. There is a lot of talent in this studio and most importantly, I've seen many people come in as total newbs and get better and better. Myself included. It's a life-long art so if you're curious about it, this is a great place to call home. From beginners to the advanced, you'll be covered.

Andrea Vahl Acting Headshot Denver Color
Andrea V.,

I loved Todd Babcock's Acting Fundamentals class - it gave a great overview of the industry, auditioning, and we did some scene work. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to get started in Acting. Todd is very engaging and uplifting plus he did a great job in the middle of the coronavirus of keeping the class extremely safe and informed. I'll be taking some of his other courses for sure!

Jerrod Briggs Acting Headshot
Jerrod B.,
Actor / Writer / Filmmaker

Babcock studios really is my home. I have had a few rough years and finding this studio has went beyond helping me. The other students are my family and each of us help push each to be a better actor, writer, comic, etc.

Todd Babcock is phenomenal. This is not someone who acted in a couple of plays or as a background actor for a couple episodes. No, he has been there, in the industry for 25+ years and it shows.

Todd creates an environment that is fun and welcoming for all student. Todd will challenge you, make no doubt about it, but through these challenges you will see yourself grow into a much better and more confident actor.

I have learned more than I could type out and have written a screenplay, a series pilot, and have acted in numerous films since starting at the Studio and am so happy that I found this place and I’m excited to continue this journey!

Micah Thomas Acting Headshot.jpg
Micah T.,

Best training, crew, and instructor in Colorado! Everybody should go!

Josiah Denver Acting Student and Filmmaker
Josiah J.,
Actor / Filmmaker

Todd is the greatest. He's kind yet blunt, while still providing value in everything he says. I can't think of a better place to enter into the acting space. If you want to be an actor, look no further.

Michael Kane Headshot
Michael K.,

I just recently attended the 6-week Acting Fundamentals Workshop at Babcock Studios and am so glad I did.

I had no experience and I was looking for a beginner level course. This was a great choice for me.

Todd covered history, the different methods and techniques of acting, and we got into scene work and did cold reads.

Todd challenged and pushed me to go outside of my comfort zone and it was done so constructively.

Sean Tefteller Acting in On-Camera
Sean T.,

Found what I never had - the best form of artistic expression - Acting!
I took the fundamentals course out of curiosity. I stayed because of loving what I discovered at Babcock Studios.

Inside the studio you'll find the perfect format for learning from Todd's style, experience and wisdom. When you have found the right 'thing,' you cannot keep it contained inside the walls of a studio. The community formed with all the other actors you meet is open, welcoming, encouraging, and supportive beyond each scene you do.

It's been a year and half since the Fundamentals course and this was through the pandemic. The world continually changes, but when you've found a place that makes both it and you better, you'll stay and state why it matters.

Acting matters. Todd showed me why. Come discover the same.

Rick Darcy Denver Acting Fundamentals Student
Rick D.,

I just recently attended the 6-week Acting Fundamentals Workshop at Babcock Studios and am so glad I did.

I had no experience and I was looking for a beginner level course. This was a great choice for me.

Todd covered history, the different methods and techniques of acting, and we got into scene work and did cold reads.

Todd challenged and pushed me to go outside of my comfort zone and it was done so constructively.

Paul Priester Colorado Acting Headshot
Paul P,

Without Babcock Studios my life would be very different. I came to the studio a little over a year ago as a non-actor looking for exposure to the industry. I wanted to know what life as an actor actually looked like, and whether I could sustain my interest in acting over the course of a career. While I'm still answering those questions, the knowledge I've gathered thus far through Todd's instruction has helped me build an understanding of the actor's life I don't think I would've found anywhere else. Todd has a remarkable way of putting his students as ease and making everyone feel welcome. (This isn't how most production sets will function, but I do believe that's how the best sets function.) I think people tend to do their best creative work when they feel secure, and that's exactly the atmosphere Todd works to create. My biggest fear embarking on this journey is that my love for and interest in the craft would wane as my expectations clashed with reality, but in fact the opposite has occurred. At Babcock Studios, my hunger for acting has only grown. And grown, and grown.

Kelsey Doran Acting Headshot
Kelsey D.,

Without a doubt THE BEST most involved class I've ever attended in my life. I truly was learning the art of acting by DOING instead of just reading about it or being lectured about it. This is an interactive class, you will leave every day of class with a plethora of knowledge, its GOLD! I appreciated Todd (Owner of Babcock Studios & Instructor) for many things but above all his ability to coach. He is an extraordinary teacher - with actual real life experience to bring to the table. I hadn't been in acting since high school (10 years ago) and I interviewed with Todd prior to being accepted into the Fundamentals Course. I expressed that I wasn't sure if this is what I wanted to do but wanted to explore the art of acting to see if I have any skill. He was very open with me about why various people take his courses & what I would get out it - some people take his course in pursuit of being career actors, act for a hobby, learning something new, exploring the field, etc,. He was very professional and then also you will find yourself laughing harder than you've ever laughed attending his classes. It's a fun environment! Comfortable and accepting. Everyone gets nervous to perform but this place was, like I stated before, a learning environment. It was like playing on a team and when you performed the coach would critic, correct or just have you experiment with an idea. It was phenomenal! My main concerns signing up were Cost & Time. Cost was reasonable (for what you're getting, personally I thought this would cost a lot more - SO MUCH VALUE!). Classes are usually 3 hrs long, which seemed long to me but because I was constantly learning and active in class time flies and when it ends you wish you could have more. I was only there a few months and had to move away (military) and I miss going so much!!! Can't wait to get back to start up classes and start working those acting muscles again. For those reading this deciding on which theater/acting course to go with......STOP LOOKING, THIS IS THE ONE (not to sound like a salesmen - but I researched and researched around Denver for a course but they all sound similar on paper - I just happen to pick this one out of all the ones I researched and it turned out way better than I could've ever asked for!!) If you want the best coach for your acting career you found him! If you want the best advice, knowledge, honesty, reasonability, funny and caring instructor you found him!

Colorado Acting Student Evan H
Evan H,

It is hard to articulate just how much this studio has helped me grow as an actor and person. It is a phenomenally welcome, and constructive place to work on your craft, and Todd is an amazing instructor, always pushing actors to find and use their talent to the best of their abilities. I highly recommend taking the fundamentals class, it is a wonderful course that goes over both acting fundamentals and how to get started in the business. Fair warning though, you will find yourself quickly signing up for the scene study class, where you will find a remarkable and welcoming group of actors, and your own talent improving every week under Todd's instruction.

Dillon Cain Denver Colorado Acting Stude
Dillon C.,

Babcock studios is great! The connection Todd values in his students is evident in his style as an acting teacher. I took the fundamentals of acting workshop and really enjoyed the experience. Throughout the workshop Todd has been informative on everything acting while connecting with his classes both in person and online/zoom. I recommend taking classes at Babcock Studios. The opportunity to work with Todd and other actors at the studio has been fantastic. Todd has created a collaborative environment at the studio that is welcoming to all actors. The knowledge plus acting experience Todd shares with his students is inspiring educational and fun. Thank you Todd and Babcock Studios!

Julia Stine Colorado Acting Student Head
Julia S.,

I took classes with Todd Babcock for almost a year. Joining this studio provided me with a community that's passionate about their work. Tod gives a lot of useful skills for the industry, helps us grow in our art, and provides a positive atmosphere for us to explore our talents. This is a great place to get started in acting and grow relationships with people of similar interests :)

Dan Hoskins Colorado Acting Student
Dan H.,

Todd is an amazing actor and teacher... even more importantly he’s an incredible person.. he truly cares about his students as people and takes their dreams and goals and starts them on a path to realize them. I’ve since moved to San Francisco and I desperately miss him and the studio and my fellow actors.. invest in yourself and your career starting here!!! You’ll be glad you did!!

Acting Fundamentals Starting July 30th 2019 in Dever Colorado.jpg
Amber A.,

I love it here, it’s been a highlight of my life getting to be a part of this studio. The atmosphere, the people of Wednesday are just awesome to work with. And how the studio operates is the best and most fun acting studio experience.

David Vi Hoang Acting Headshot.png
David H.,

Todd Babcock is an amazing teacher, this was my first ever outside of school acting class, and he really taught me the fundamentals of acting. In the teenager's acting workshop, he treats us as adults, believing in our potential to be better. Every week I looked forward to come to class, and had an amazing time each week. Thank you, Todd.

Acting Fundamentals Beginning Acting
Jessica F.,

Can’t say enough good things about Babcock Studios. I had a wonderful first impression with the Office Manager, Kassie, who is so sweet and helpful and makes the process of booking your workshop perfectly pleasant and easy. Todd is a phenomenal coach, and his Acting Fundamentals workshop is a fantastic introduction to the world of performing. He is energetic, extremely knowledgeable, and does a wonderful job balancing the diverse levels of experience among students his classes to be sure everyone gets the most out of their experience. He challenges you, pushes you to try things outside of your box, and inspires growth in many ways— all while maintaining a safe and accepting space in his studio. I highly recommend his studio to anyone, whether you’re looking to gain experience with public speaking, or looking to build a professional career in performing. Thanks so much, Babcock Studios!

Leah Webster Acting Headshot Denver Colorado Acting Student.jpg
Leah W.,

An amazing studio with an amazing teacher. I have learned so much from being here not only from Todd but from my peers. It's a place where you can be yourself and make mistakes! Great studio!

Brett Randell Musician and Acting Student Denver Colorado Review
Brett R.,

Todd and his studio are a true gem. I had such a fantastic time working with and learning acting from Todd, practicing with the other students, and just being in the cool vibe of his studio. Todd is an outgoing, effective, emotional, and high level teacher and I felt I learned in such a short time what it would have taken me a year somewhere else. I definitely want to return to his classes and highly suggest it to anyone in the Colorado area looking for top notch and valuable acting lessons.

Eve C Denver Colorado Acting Student Testimonial
Eve C.,

Todd is an empathetic and gifted teacher and his studio is a safe and warm place where new actors can learn and experienced actors can grow. Highly recommended for anyone with an acting itch they just can’t shake and for experienced actors looking to bump up their game.​

Dolores Cruz Pasadena Acting Student Testimonial
Dolores Cruz,

"Todd Babcock’s classes have really boosted my acting skills and given me the confidence to trust my instincts and fly. He is diligent and attends to every detail and nuance of the actor’s performance. He has helped me find honestly and truth in my work. His expectations are high, which is exactly what I would want from any acting teacher, and he brings out the best work in his students. Todd’s high energy and sense of humor make each class an intense workout and a joy. Attending his class is the highlight of my week!"

Michael Owens Pasadena Acting Student Testimonial
Michael Owens,

"Todd Babcock is an incredible man who understands better than anyone the thoughts of an actor on stage. He won't make you practice mundane techniques that feel stilted but will thrust you into a scene that he knows you can handle. He has pushed and inspired me as an actor to recognize that I have potential and that it would be worthwhile to fight for it. I could not think of a better experience for actors of any kind, and it has changed my life. Class went beyond what I had hoped!"

Carol Elaine Cyr Los Angeles Acting Student Testimonial
Carol Elaine Cyr,

"After a 20+ year hiatus, I started acting onstage again. I was getting small parts, but after so long away, I felt like my auditions - and my characters - were lacking depth. Todd Babcock has helped me to find the truth and depth to my characters again, which has been invaluable. Even better, his class is a safe space for us to experiment, to play with different ideas, and to just plain have fun. It's a family. And I love my Babcock Studios family!"

Winter Lynn Colorado Acting Student.jpg
Winter L.,

Very warm and welcoming, helped me discover myself. Fantastic teachers, and a wonderful atmosphere. 5 stars doesn't begin to do it justice. :)

Kali Becker Colorado Acting Student.jpg
Kali B.,

Todd has curated an amazing atmosphere for actors at many different levels to elevate their craft. His instruction WILL challenge you and, in turn, help increase your ability to step into the shoes of a character. Furthermore, this studio has a lovely community of individuals. I have had the pleasure of meeting some remarkable artists. Thank you to Babcock Studios for allowing me to fail, succeed, and grow as an actor.

John Ross Los Angeles Acting Student.jpg
Jon R.,

I've never met a person who was more passionate about their craft than Todd. A wonderful actor and even better teacher, he has a wealth of experience and knowledge to offer as well as the warmth and compassion that all people need to help hone and build on their acting skills.

Ainsley Dye Pasadena California Acting Student
Ainsley D.,
Animation Student

"As an animation student, acting has always been an important way through which I could gather reference for my craft, express myself and have some fun in the process. It can, however, be hard to find good classes that teach dramatic acting in an approachable setting. Babcock Studios is truly that rare kind of program, offering a friendly, upbeat learning environment through which exploration is encouraged and there's no such thing as a wrong approach. Through script readings, analysis, blocking, and discussion, I learned important techniques such as how to get into the head of a character, the best ways to push scenes, and how to work off of your scene partner. And, of course, it's truly just a great time, open to all actors and actresses of any background. Babcock Studios is a place I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone looking for a little more drama in their life-in the best way."

Larry F Los Angeles Acting Student Testimonial
Larry F.,
Playwright / Screenwriter

"Todd Babcock at Babcock Studios is one of the few teachers that has been there, done that and knows what he's doing. There is nowhere he won't take you in a role and no role he can't do."

Warren L Los Angeles Acting Student Testimonial
Warren L.

"I recently attended classes at Babcock Studios in Pasadena to learn more about acting. I had been doing some background acting work part time and thought I would like to do more with it. Although I had taken drama and film-making classes many years ago it was nothing like what Todd is teaching at the Studio. I was able to be on stage with one-on-one direction from the first day. I have learned some very important acting techniques I would never have been able to get in a basic acting class. It was a wonderful opportunity to be part of his class with all of the attention and direction he provides from his passion for acting and his experience..."

Deena Denver Colorado Actor.jpeg
Deena R.,

If you’re looking to grow as an actor and an individual, Babcock Studios is the place.

I highly recommend working under Kim.
She knows the industry, is a joy to be around and will push you to become the actor she can see in you, even if you don’t see it in yourself yet.

This is your sign. Follow your creative dreams.

Jeff Colorado Acting Class.jpeg
Jeff D.,

As a child we all had a favorite teacher. They were either kind, super smart, funny, or extremely demanding of our potential. If you get the opportunity to learn from Kimberly, you will find all of these qualities wrapped in an extremely passionate, caring person.

Tori Colorado acting headshot.jpeg
Tori V.,

I kid you not; every time I walk through the doors of Babcock Studios, I become a better person. From my very first class with Todd to my current classes with Kim, this studio is a true family. One thing I admire about both Kim & Todd is how honest they are, both about the art of acting & life as a whole. Their perspectives on life & the art of acting are truly phenomenal. I can't help but want to write down every inspirational thing they say, lol. On top of all of this, there is some true talent at this studio, it’s a true pleasure to be part of. Thank you all for what you do; it is appreciated beyond words.

Annie A Colorado Acting Student
Annie A,

My experience with Todd Babcock has been an absolutely fantastic one! I can't recommend him enough. Taking his class has helped me branch out of myself and really connect with the characters I'm portraying. He will challenge you, encourage you, and help you become the best actor you can be!

Tyree J Denver Acting Student Testimonial
Tyree J,

I started out at Babcock Studios not knowing what to expect in terms of acting because I was so new to it. Over the course of a few months Todd helped me see a potential I hadn’t seen in myself and my acting quickly progressed. This class taught me not only how to act, but the business of acting and it helped me gain an extreme confidence in a craft that I hadn’t explored until I took the class. Todd is an amazing coach and really spends time getting to know each and every one of the students, and he really builds a community (or a little oasis) for us all to grow, learn and create together. The balance of professionalism and friendship in the class is unprecedented, and you will leave a better and more confident actor with a variety of skills under your belt, and a group of people to call family. Amazing class!!

Mitch Myer Denver Magician and Actor testimonal
Mitch M.
Magician / Actor

I could not say enough about this studio and the Director Todd.  This is the real deal folks.  I am a professional magician that was looking at improving my act.  Todd's professional lessons have done wonders for my act and income.  His lessons could not have come at a better time when I have had to switch to Zoom shows.

And when live shows are back I will be ready to knock them out.  The friendships forged along with the self-discovery over this past year has been so rewarding.

Todd's criticism cuts right to the chase and he knows how to bring out the best in everyone.  I'm still here and will be for some time.  Highly recommended!

Carly L.,

I have had an incredible experience at Babcock Studios! Todd is an intentional, experienced teacher who is dedicated to bringing out the best in his students. His passion for the craft is contagious, and my time in his class is always the highlight of my week! Babcock Studios is a safe place where artists are celebrated and encouraged to take risks. I’ve never experienced an acting class like this before, and I am so thankful I found this community! It’s the best!

Nia Denver Colorado Actor
Nia A.,

I've never felt more challenged and seen at an acting studio the way I have been at Babcock Studios. Todd takes the time to transform and encourage every one of his students, and he does so in a way that is empowering. There's no judgment and no pressure, just passion for the art.

Daniel C Denver Actor
Daniel C.,

This place rules. Truly. Todd brings a vibe of inclusivity and non-judgement to every facet of this studio. He brings out the best in a student’s performance while teaching further ways in which to always grow. Todd wants his students to succeed, and allows them to see the ways in which they can make that possible.

There are no pushy attitudes.
No negativity.
No ego.

It’s a fully inspired safe space for creation, and this has been a life-changing event for me, which Todd and the studio has helped to facilitate into a pursuit I’m happy to take on

Soo Denver Colorado Acting Student.jpg
Soo C.,

I went to my first class in July of 2021. I only have great things to say about Todd Babcock and his studio. The community that he has created is something like a safe haven for creatives. It is truly a safe space to create, make mistakes, learn, encourage, to just BE. Todd offers different classes and all of them are exciting and fun. His teaching style is open-minded, philosophical, silly, intentional, whimsical, and mindful, all at the same time - it’s wonderful! Shout out to Kassie! :) She is awesome and so helpful. It is a place that I will likely seek out time and time again, even if just for development. Grateful to have found Babcock Studios!

Lauren Sugihara Denver Colorado Acting Student Testimonial
Lauren S.,

I cannot say enough about this place. Todd tailors the program to each individuals needs. I am typically shy and overly smiley. I felt I might never play strong characters, even though I so want to.

With in a few months of working with him I have been cast as a no nonsense psychiatrist in an upcoming film. Do yourself a favor and join.

Amy V Testimonial about Denver Acting Studio
Amy V.,

This review is long overdue but deserves every bit of attention. I cannot say enough about Babcock Studios and how well operated this studio functions. Each session was carefully crafted and creatively different than the previous class which aided in personal growth, believing in one's self and pushing the limits. The environment at this studio is so welcoming and truly energetic. I am thankful that I came across Babcock Studios and have had time with Todd as an acting coach, he is truly amazing and will always give individual attention and help each person reach their full potential. While taking classes at this studio, I developed a stronger sense of self, confidence, personal fulfillment and friendships. You will not regret taking classes at Babcock studios, it is a positive space with zero judgment and you get to laugh a lot, which is never a bad thing. Thank you, Babcock Studios!

Nitya headshot.png
Nitya K.,

Best acting studio EVER! Whether you have been acting for a decade or for a day, Todd provides a safe, welcoming, and nurturing environment for anyone who wants to explore this craft. He caters to each student on an individual level and meets you right where you are. Guided by kindness, patience, and tons of positive reinforcement Todd builds you from the ground up to be a better actor and even more so, a better version of yourself. And none of it is by accident. Todd has created one of the most welcoming communities filed with the most well-meaning people who only want to see you grow and succeed. This kind of safe-space is so rare especially in the field of acting. No toxic competition, no pretentiousness, no shallowness. Just people who are rooting for you through and through! This is truly the perfect place for people who want to grow as an actor while being surrounded by the best people with the absolute best instructor guiding you. If I haven't made it clear, join this studio... LIKE RIGHT NOW!

Ryan C. Denver Colorado On-Camera Acting Class.JPEG
Ryan C.,

This place is magic. I have so much respect for Todd and what he’s created here. This studio is a very special place and I've grown so much in such a short time. It's just in the air. It's an environment that nourishes and encourages you to grow into yourself, discover your voice and process and literally become an actor. It's the foundation of thinking and encouragement that Todd has laid down for all of us. The way Todd teaches is so wonderfully investigative and collaborative. We work together here. All of us. He doesn’t feed you a pre-digested boiler plate of academic ideas passed down from dusty textbooks to glossier ones. Todd questions what he takes in, checks in with himself, relates back to his own experiences and actually speaks from his heart on what he has authentically discovered in his own life and acting career. If you ask me, THAT is what makes a true teacher and this is what Todd does. And he works with you, with all of us to find common understandings. He actually reaches you and helps you find your own way. He doesn’t break you down, reduce your voice and tell you the “right” way to act. Todd isn’t scared of not knowing the answer, he welcomes these moments and he investigates them in real time, with you. Todd sees you. He wants to hear your voice, what you feel. Not only does he respect your voice, he encourages you to hone it. You’re not a number here, you’re not a studio product or some academic disciple filling up a class roster. You’re you. You are unique. The way you express yourself is unique. The way you work is unique. The way you learn is unique. The way you process and relate to the world around you is unique. And what YOU have to say is unique too. It’s an asset to know yourself and to build your own voice and understanding. Build your own process. Make your own discoveries. Todd sees all of this and not only does he have a respect for it but he fosters a working relationship with you so that you're encouraged to make your own discoveries and actually gain real wisdom. That is HUGE. And as you are adapting to new circumstances, finding new ways of perceiving the world, questioning your relationships to emotions, broadening your self awareness, feeling into foreign situations and finding your own way into new realms of emotional understanding, Todd will be there with you. He’s real. He’s perceptive. He’s inquisitive and he’s not afraid to be vulnerable and navigate his feelings too. He’s a gem and the amount of love I feel for the studio he's built here is immense. I'm so happy and grateful to be apart of this studio.

Thanks for putting your heart into this place and into all of us students. We love you Todd!

Lauren M Colorado headshot.jpg
Lauren M.,

It’s been a year and a half of fun and learning! Babcock Studios has completely changed my life. Honestly, the studio and the friendships I’ve made there are probably the only things keeping me in Colorado.

I’ve heard horror stories about other acting studios where the students are pitted against each other and the environment is incredibly toxic. Not Babcock studios! This studio is an incredibly safe space where students are encouraged to try new things. And if you ”fail”? Great! That means you learned. I put fail in quotations because I feel like there really is no such thing as failing at this studio. Also, the students encourage each other. There is no tearing each other down or competing. There’s enough room for all of us to thrive!

As for Todd, he is absolutely wonderful. He has lived an actor’s life and brings stories, tips and tricks, and tons of insight to each class with so much charisma and passion. I’m not even sure how the man has so much information in his brain! I will be forever grateful to him for creating this safe space .

Kim is one of our newest teachers and man, does she bring energy to her classes! Kim is so creative, fun, and thoughtful and loves seeing her students progress!

Kassie is the everything woman! She coordinates so much at the studio! She tracks schedules and is the main point of contact for every single student. She’s also such a warm and kind person. I feel like the studio would fall apart without her!

Thank you Babcock Studios for creating such a wonderful safe space!

Vai P. Colorado Acting Student Testimonial
Vai P.,

Todd is such an amazing teacher. I didn’t really know how to process my emotions or be vulnerable until I studied with him. It was through this class I realized what a passion I had for acting; I’ve never studied with anyone like him. Stay focused and you will grow immensely, I will miss studying with him very much but know I’m much more capable thanks to him :)

Hannah Finnegan Denver Actress
Hannah F.,

I have never felt more supported by a group of fellow artists in my life. At Babcock Studios, everyone is rooting for you. I have made friendships here that I wouldn’t trade for the world. This is a huge testament to Todd’s direction. He creates a safe space for you to take risks and make mistakes all the while pushing you towards your best. I have learned more about acting, myself as a person, and other countless topics through these classes than I could’ve ever imagined.

Allene Woodside Actress Colorado.JPEG
Allene W.,

I love the atmosphere! It's so much fun and Todd is an amazing coach. Communication is also stellar! If your wanting to grow your skills for acting or need a positive outlet, this is the place to be!

Joshua Scene Study Denver Colorado Acting Class.JPEG
Joshua R.,

SAFE SPACE! Babcock Studios is the most comforting and welcoming community in Denver. Todd Babcock is a real human being before he is a teacher. He builds unique individual relationships with every student who enters through that door. He’s not only developed me into a better actor but a better human being as well. Todd has made a huge impact on this chapter of my life. If you are looking to join a safe and loving community with the best teacher around, walk through that door!

Renee K Colorado acting headshot.jpg
Renee K.,

Babcock Studios is a very special place for actors to discover their talents and develop solid acting skills. Todd Babcock is incredible at extracting the very best from each of his students. He spends much time preparing scenes and works personally with students in class and out to show them techniques and strategies they can incorporate to produce very high caliber performances. This studio is so much more than 'acting' classes. It's a professional and respectful environment for actors to work together to push themselves to new levels. I've been taking classes at Babcock Studios for over a year and a half. Because of what I have learned there I now get auditions and have been cast in several projects. I can say with certainty that this wouldn't have happened without Babcock Studios.

Andrew Colorado Actor.jpeg
Andrew F.,

I've been with the studio for about 6 months now. It's been a great experience and Kim Pember is a fantastic coach. Kim's coaching is insightful and empathetic, while consistently challenging us to grow. She's cultivated a strong community and culture and I'm super happy to be part of this. Onwards and upwards!

Maria L. Denver Colorado Actress
Maria L.,

Todd has created an amazing community that I'm very happy to be a part of. Workshops are engaging , challenging, and always so much fun. Todd is incredibly generous with his time, the studio space, and resources. He is always looking out for his students and finding out ways to elevate the community.

Caroline Caplis Actor Headshot.jpg
Caroline C.,

I feel so fortunate to be apart of Babcock Studios. I have worked with Kimberly Pember in one on one sessions for almost a year. My individual sessions with her have greatly helped me refine my acting skills and gain a ton of confidence in my performances. I cannot recommend Kim and the studio enough.

Bella Denver Colorado Actor
Bella N.,

Babcock Studios is an amazing place to start or continue your acting journey!

I was introduced to Babcock Studios through the 6 week Fundamentals class. I came into the studio with very little knowledge of the industry and no prior acting experience. During those 6 weeks, Todd created a very welcoming introduction to the world of acting. He provided the class with information about the industry and all the tools you may need down the line. He also gave everyone the opportunity to act! I gained so much knowledge and confidence during the Fundamentals class, and have since continued to build on who I am as an actress.

Coming into the studio I was very nervous, but Todd’s approach to teaching was very comforting. He creates an individualized experience that allows all his students to continue to grow. I have been in one of the Scene Study classes for almost a year now. In a short period of time Todd has really helped me expand my acting abilities and build up my confidence. He truly is such an amazing teacher! Every week I know that I am safe to take risks and make mistakes. He is always very supportive and pushes me to get out of my comfort zone. With my nerves, I never thought I would be able to get up in front of people and give acting a try, but Todd has made it possible.

An important aspect of the studio, is the environment. Todd has created a safe space full of inspiring and welcoming individuals. There is so much love and support at this studio, and I am so grateful I found a community like this. I feel so uplifted and encourage by my fellow studio members, and I love getting to learn from each and every one of them!

Also shout out to Kassie, who is always there to answer questions and keep everyone organized!

I would absolutely recommend Babcock Studios! I love being a part of this studio!

Jaime Colorado Actor.jpg
Jaime S.,

I've spent the past 4 years learning and growing with this community of artists and creatives. I wasn't necessarily joining this studio to become a professional actor and learn the ins and outs of the movie industry, but that certainly can be effectively achieved in this nurturing albeit challenging environment. If you're like me, you might think about ways in which you can become a better human and build life skills that can carry you into the future. I've experienced myself get through graduate school in counseling, write my best work musically, and build what I believe will be lifelong connections with people that I respect and value (and who respect and value me) while a part of this studio. While some of these ventures appear separate from the work I've pursued in relation to my acting development, I can say with certainty that the parallel processes of exploring ethical dilemmas, character development, intention in my voice and behavior, and interpersonal dynamics while enrolled in this scene study have aided me in healing, relevant skills to apply to my profession, and greater zest for the performing arts then ever experienced pre-enrollment.

Benjamin Angotti headshot Denver Colorado Scene Study.jpg
Benjamin A.,

I embarked on my acting journey nearly a year ago with this class, marking my very first foray into the world of acting. From day one, I was enveloped in a warm, welcoming environment that not only made me feel comfortable but also eager to learn and grow. The instructors here are truly exceptional; their expertise, patience, and personalized guidance have greatly contributed to my development as an aspiring actor. They possess a genuine passion for teaching and a remarkable ability to nurture talent at all levels, making every session enriching and enjoyable.

This class has not just been an educational experience but a transformative one. It has equipped me with valuable skills that go beyond acting, such as improved self-confidence, better communication, and a deeper understanding of emotional intelligence

Gareth Jones Los Angeles Actor.JPEG
Gareth J.,

I took Todd's 6 week fundamentals class earlier this year and it was an incredible experience. I was very very nervous going into it and hadn't really had a lot of experience with acting. You can tell he puts an enormous amount of effort into making his class a welcoming and safe space to be yourself and create. I'm endlessly grateful for that 6 week class. Only reason I didn't continue was because I moved out of state.

TJ Colorado Actor.JPEG
TJ H.,

I’ve been attending Todd’s classes a little over two years now and have nothing but gratitude to reflect upon. Whether through interacting with like-minded individuals, growing through challenging work, or getting the opportunity to support fellow classmates in their triumph, this community has checked all the boxes of what I was looking for in an acting class. It’s a warm and inviting environment that has the capability to foster growth in any individual regardless of previous experience. Through Todd’s stories and real-world experiences, students can fully understand the expectations and challenges that this industry brings. I’d recommend this class to anyone; it will definitely put you out of your comfort zone at times, but by doing so you will only make yourself a more wholistic individual for your family, friends, coworkers, etc.

Aria Wallace Acting Headshot.jpeg
Aria W.,

Where to even begin. I have trained at a plethora of acting studios over the course of my career both in Los Angeles and Atlanta. Each of them good experiences, from which I was able to build a solid foundation. However, I can say with 100% certainty that I have absolutely benefited the most from training with Todd at Babcock Studios. In short, this studio has changed my life and refueled my appreciation of the craft. Todd teaches from a place of such collaboration, understanding and realism. Every single scene he assigns with extreme intention, thought and consideration for what the actor needs and areas in which he sees an opportunity for a positive challenge. He takes the time to build a caring relationship with the actor as a human in order to help us grow as an actor and that is a rare find. Since working with Todd, I have deepened my skills, enhanced my technique and most importantly obtained a new level of confidence in my work that I am so incredibly grateful for. On top of all of this, the people that I attend class with each week and have the pleasure of working with, are some of the most driven, passionate and genuine individuals I’ve ever encountered. We have become such a family over time and I feel there is a supportive bond between us that is tough to beat. An unmatched sense of community that is very special indeed. I would recommend Babcock Studios 10/10 all day every day and I truly cherish the day I walked through those doors for the first time.

Aaron Patrick Denver Actor
Aaron P.,

I’ve been in class with Kim for about 6 months & it has been an absolute pleasure to have her as a teacher & coach. I’ve learned so much & been challenged by her, pushing me to grow into a better actor every time I get to work with her.

Los Angeles Acting Students Testimonials from F.A.C.T
Family, Adult & Child
For Autistic Individuals

Todd Babcock - F.A.C.T. Acting Specialist

F.A.C.T. Students

"I enjoy the evolution of all the processes Todd has taught me. He's the reason I do this and I consider him a part of our family."

- D.K. - F.A.C.T. Student 

"Todd has helped me to express my ideas and has a great ability to work around my difficulties due to his experience.  His motivation helps things get off the ground."

- D.B. - F.A.C.T. Student

Los Angeles Acting Students Testimonials from F.A.C.T
Family, Adult & Child
For Autistic Individuals

Todd Babcock - F.A.C.T. Acting Specialist

F.A.C.T. Students

"I've enjoyed the real experiences Todd offers me in acting and performing."

- O.C. - F.A.C.T. Student 

"I've known Todd as a teacher for a long time and his pleasantness makes learning very enjoyable.  We are lucky to have him. "

- C.A. - F.A.C.T. Student 

F.A.C.T. Los Angeles Acting Program Manager Testimonial
Family, Adult & Child
For Autistic Individuals

Todd Babcock - F.A.C.T. Acting Specialist

-J.Z. - F.A.C.T. Adult Program Manager

"Todd Babcock has been an invaluable asset to our F.A.C.T. Family program here in Westwood, CA.  From teaching improv to acting techniques, our F.A.C.T. students, who are on the autistic spectrum, learn an immense amount from Todd, who teaches with great fervor, patience and understanding.  Todd's talents truly seem boundless and his understanding and thoughtfulness is second to none.  I couldn't be more pleased with his professionalism, educational prowess and approachability."

- J.Z. - F.A.C.T. Adult Program Manager

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