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Alex Datcher Los Angeles Acting Student
 Alex Datcher, Actress

'Passenger 57', 'Star Trek: The Next Generation', 'Goode Behavior', '18 Wheels of Justice'

"I've been very fortunate to have spent 20 years acting and I give much of the credit to 2 compassionate, insightful and talented acting teachers - Robert Carnegie & Milton Katselas (rip). In a city full of outstanding entertainers and movie experts, it's difficult to convince anyone you are worth their time but I've been blessed.


Now I have a third extraordinary teacher/coach to be grateful for. Todd Babcock is among the gifted.


He guides his students to find clarity in their characters, truth in their language and strength in their vulnerability. We ultimately understand beauty in the flawed which teaches us compassion and brings joy in the performance.

Thank you Todd for simply seeing what is true about the facade and making the impossible reality. I am grateful you share your talents of molding story and inspiring people like me. We are better for it. I am better for it."

Elliot James Moore Pasadena Acting Student
 Elliot James Moore, Actor

'Kirby Buckets', 'Please Stand By',

Named 'Artist Of The Summer' at Interlochen

 Age 17

Jesse Burch Los Angeles Acting Student Testimonial
Jesse Burch, Actor

'What To Expect When Your Expecting',

'The Mentalist',

'Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy'

"Todd Babcock is that rare combination of teacher: he has the insight and intelligence required to properly break down a scene, as well as the sensitivity and determination to wrest the ideal performance out of the player -- both of which bring the best out of the actor. In addition, he's just a great guy to have in your corner. I cannot recommend Todd more highly."

Dear Todd,

I want to thank you for your true patience and enthusiasm and sensitive craft knowledge working with me.


In the last 4 years I have grown to understand the subtext of what an actor needs to truly understand when breaking down a character.


Your belief in me to stretch has each step of the way given me more confidence.

The most important aspect I believe is your spirit and love of the performing arts.


You inspire me to look past the words on a paper.  I have great trust with you as my teacher and coach. I know any young actor will be in good hands with you.  


There are many teachers out there, and I am so lucky to have found you.


Thank you for helping me believe in my dream.  Thank you for being real.  Thank you for your talent.

All the best Todd, till we meet again.  

Oh, and I am so glad you are on SKYPE!

Nancy Gaines International Speaker Denver Student
 Nancy Gaines, CEO

CEO/Founder Gain Advantages, Inc.

International Speaker 

20 years consulting Fortune 100 companies


As an international speaker, I worked with Todd to improve my delivery and connection with the audience. He has the best ideas! Being coached by him is really fun – not stuffy and formal. He knows exactly where to insert the ideal emotion – humor, seriousness, or joy.


You will love working with Todd in whatever capacity you need – acting, speaking, or just learning a new skill.


He truly has a gift."

Ann Ryerson Los Angeles Actress
 Ann Ryerson, Actress

'Minority Report', 'Constantine', 'Caddyshack', Curb Your Enthusiasm', 'Grey's Anatomy'

"Todd and I have participated as actors in a playwrights development group for several years now.  The moment Todd joined the group I thought, "This guy is GOOD!".  I became even more appreciative of his work, the more I saw him. 


Full commitment, well prepared, brings intensity and energy to everything he does. That's my summary of Todd's work. As a teacher, he inspires those same high standards in his students."

Jason Arkles Sculptor and Artist
Jason Arkles

Writer, Producer, and Host of the popular

podcast 'The Sculptor’s Funeral'

"I was lucky enough to know Todd Babcock in my earliest formative years as an artist. I learned much from him, but above everything else, it was from Todd that I first learned how much passion and conviction a person could have for an art form. It was from Todd's example that I learned to take art seriously, and without that, I wonder where my courage to make a life in art would have come from."

Cailin Harrison Los Angeles Acting Student Testimonial
 Cailin Harrison, Playwright / Screenwriter / Producer

"As a writer/producer, who has worked with Todd on numerous projects over the years, I can honestly say I was excited to hear he was starting his own acting studio.  


He has taught me so much about what focused, studied and informed acting brings to a script.


I am confident that he will enlighten his students with the skills of detailed script study that can electrify an audition, the screen and the stage."

Sheryl B Los Angeles Acting Student Testimonial
 Sheryl B.,
Actress / Model

"I love being able to work out scenes in class while getting notes and critique on the spot, so I can adjust myself and be aware of myself in the moment.


Todd has been able to help stretch me and expand my abilities to new levels. He challenges me in the best ways and I feel more confident and assured of myself in my craft.

I recommend him to everyone who is looking for a great film/tv focused scene study class. You can also work with him one on one.

Great, safe, passionate class environment with great classmates!"

Gary Rubenstein Los Angeles Acting Student Testimonial
Gary Rubenstein, Actor

'Suburgatory', 'Better Off Ted', '2 Broke Girls', 'Anger Management'

"I have known and worked with Todd for sometime now and he is one of the most passionate actors I know. He cares deeply about not only his own work but helping others to be the best they can be.


Any actor would be lucky to be coached by him. You can't help but be a better actor after working with him." 

Reeb Venners Los Angeles Film Editor Testimonial
 Reeb Venners,
Award Winning Film Editor

“Todd throws a rare level of enthusiasm and energy into every class and his approach is grounded in decades of hard-won experience in the acting world, during which Todd’s keen power of observation and knowledge of down-to-earth technique has been honed. Todd takes the creation of a safe place very seriously. His actors visibly feel comfortable to have fun, bond and experiment and then are lightly but firmly pushed to go further and deeper into the material, no matter their skill level, producing the alchemy, inspiration and excitement of a great acting ensemble. Todd does not hesitate to take whatever time is necessary to allow an actor to take a grow. He also spends additional time with actors, offering advice on the industry and suggesting career steps to take. Each class is a vital opportunity given by someone who loves and obsesses over his art form and gleans obvious joy from offering his expertise and skill to others. I cannot recommend his classes enough.”

Andrew Fognani Denver Acting Student Hea
Andrew F.,
Actor / Filmmaker

Babcock Studios is an absolutely amazing place to be for an actor! Todd exudes passion for the acting process as well as filmmaking itself. He brings an energy to the class that I rarely have seen in an acting class and I have been fortunate enough to study at many in LA. He has an understanding and nurturing quality that has brought out some of my best work. Todd also comes from a wealth of experience and is not just another acting coach/guru who has never stepped foot on a set, or stage . He has a multitude of credits and approachable knowledge of the business, which is by far the hardest aspect of this medium. He is a mentor as well as a friend and I trust him, which may be the most important point of all.

As far as my colleagues in class, they are amazing! The support and encouragement is tremendous and creates a truly wonderful place to be. I look forward to continuing my journey on this wild ride there.

If you are interested in being an actor, or just want to break out of your shell you have to give Babcock Studios a try. I think everyone and anyone could benefit from a class.

Lauren H Pasadena Acting Student Testimonial
Lauren H.,
Actress / Comedian

"After months of research and an exhaustive search for the right acting class, I began studying with Todd in June of 2015. I was immediately pleased with my decision. Todd is a wonderful teacher/human, and he genuinely wants to see you succeed and grow. Every student, every class, gets stage time and instruction from Todd. It's very collaborative and I leave class feeling a little stronger and more empowered than I was before. 
Bottom line: Todd puts you at ease, makes sure you feel safe and heard, and he knows when to push you to be your best. I've learned a lot about myself over the past five months. Acting is giving me permission to be brave and loud and bold and crazy and honest and emotional and out-of-control and real. If you're looking for a gifted and caring teacher with good hair, Todd's your man."

Tyler M TADAM photography acting student Denver Testimonial
Tyler M.,
Photographer / Actor

I was searching for a studio and mentor that was focused on the romance and passion for the craft. My primary goal was to learn the skills necessary to be self-reflective and intentional on stage. It was clear Todd was the right mentor at our first meeting. Todd approaches his instruction and sessions with personal investment: he knows what it takes to succeed in the business and is invested in getting you to drive for success. But it starts with learning the craft, immersing yourself in it, and carving away our preconceived notions. If you are looking for a professional who is not satisfied with rubber stamping his students, a mentor who is passionate about excellence, and an experience that will take you out of your comfort zone, schedule time with Todd to meet. Highly recommended.

Stacey R Acting Student in Denver Colorado Testimonial
Stacey R.,
Actress / Filmmaker 

Todd is a champion for each and every one of his students. He believes in you so fiercely that it becomes impossible not to see the same potential in yourself that he does. He doesn't go easy on you. He will find your weaknesses and put you to the task of strengthening them. But, like a great personal trainer, he manages to make this workout so fun and rewarding that you can't wait to come back for more. Trust is the key ingredient to any successful mentorship, in acting perhaps more than anywhere else. You need only observe Todd coaching one scene to know that you can trust him to give you precise, constructive feedback, without ever condescending to you or belittling your ability, intelligence, or talent. The more you open yourself to his suggestion, the more you will learn about yourself, both as an actor and a human being. The sense of respect and support that he fosters in class is palpable in the atmosphere, meaning that you will not only gain a great teacher, but also a rich community of beautiful and talented actors who will always be in your corner. 
I really cannot recommend him highly enough. Also, he's f***ing funny. This studio is really something special.

Jennifer L Denver Colorado Acting Student Testimonial
Jennifer L.,

Principal at Grand Orchards Advisors, LLC

Wow...! Just wow...! I loved every class at Babcock Studios. It had been a life long curiosity to learn the world of acting and it was extraordinarily good fortune to have Todd Babcock bring the world of Hollywood to Denver. 

The success of the studio is truly evidenced by the regular opening of class with calls for celebrations for students completing successful auditions during the week. We were all confident and prepared by the thoughtful approach to acting and, in my opinion, the application was far better than any traditional theater study. At Babcock Studios, students and teacher discuss concepts as they happen with energy and passion. What better way to learn than in the moment...completing a scene, hearing a critique on the depth of the character, and doing it all again until it feels like the true essence of the scene is supported in your work. 

Todd brings his spirited energy and technical know-how to every class. We were always challenged in such empowering ways to dig deeper- to understand the scene and appreciate the characters, the writers, the directors, the set, and all the thoughtful details of recreating another life on stage. The analysis of every scene and for every student gave me a much greater appreciation for the art...and for the heartfelt thoughtfulness of creating an emotional connection in ones work and with others. It was tough to relocate and leave the class in Denver.

Todd, Denver and your students are lucky to have you.

David Soule Actor and Filmmaker Denver Student Review
David S.,
Actor / Filmmaker

Babcock Studios has been, and always will be my set away from set! (see what I did there) My first experiences as an actor were built on the fundamentals taught at this studio, and they have been amazing. Todd is a true master of his craft and his enthusiasm for the art and industry is truly contagious. With the guidance of both Todd and Kassie I find myself on a path that I would not have imagined possible a year ago. I would highly recommend that anyone who has an interest, a curiosity, a love, or a passion for the art of acting to attend these classes. As for me, I find myself ready to take on the world of acting head-on, but I will never forget the memories I have build, and I will always consider Todd and Kassie as my guiding light as I make my way down this exciting path!

Thank you both for your dedication to the studio and the members that attend, you are inspirations to say the least!

Breea Little Denver Actress Review
Breea L.,

If you’re ready to challenge yourself and change your routine then you’ve already made the decision to enroll at Babcock Studios.

Todd’s ability to see people, not just what you currently are but the potential you’re trying to reach, make him one of the best teachers to-date I’ve every had.

He’ll challenge you, collaborate with you, push boundaries while respecting your limits. He’ll tap in to all the aspects of what will make you an incredible actor, and then train you on how to utilize those techniques. Todd has an amazing balance teaching everything from large picture business skills, on-set knowledge, all the way down to the minute detail of a scene.

His dedication to the studio and you as a student, coupled with his assistant Kassie’s amazing attitude and communication, are what make his classes the highlight of your week.

Tyler E Denver Colorado Acting Student Testimonial
Tyler E.
Actor / Filmmaker

I've taken classes a few different schools, and Babcock Studios has completely changed my life. I have never come across a teacher that is more invested in their students and dedicated to their success. He strives to give you a realistic atmosphere for your work and future by changing your character on the fly, giving cold reads and stretching your capabilities.


On a side note, I have never come across a group of people more supportive than the fellow students at Babcock Studios. Every person there is helping push their classmates to the next level, creating their own content and sticking together like family. Since I joined the studio, it is like I added 30 people to my family.


If you're looking to build a network of actors, study with a very knowledgeable, supportive and challenging teacher, and work in a safe, judgement free area, Babcock Studios is the perfect place.

Natalie O Colorado Acting Student Headshot.png
Natalie O.,

Although my time in Colorado was cut short due to a career move, I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Babcock Studios. I was impressed with how organized the studio was from the initial inquiry to the completion of class. Todd is great and he truly cares about his students and their performances as actors. He has a way of breaking the characters down which then allows us to succeed in the art. If you are a beginner actor or seasoned one this is the place for you. I learned so much detail about the industry which has prepared my next steps as an actor. Thank you Babcock Studio for a great overall experience!

Devin Ward Colorado actor.jpg
Devin W.,

Acting is a craft unlike most. In many professions, emotional investment is emergent and comes from your work's consumption of your time and headspace. With acting, it seems you have to invest emotionally as a forethought. It's hard to produce believable emotion without putting as much of the actual emotion into the performance as you can. And that's where Babcock studios comes in. I haven't taken any other acting classes, but what I've found in the studio is a safe place to practice and explore emotion. Todd makes it a point to keep the place judgement-free, which allows the students to put their best foot forward and see where it goes. Also, Todd's advice and stories of his experience as a working actor are priceless to someone trying to feel out the idea of a career.

Samantha Garcia Colorado Acting Headshot.jpg
Samantha G.,

I have grown so much as an actor learning from Todd. He creates a space where new and young actors can try new things and be challenged to meet new limits. The expectation and professionalism is encouraging and the class is always nothing but supportive. I always look forward to attending class and getting a new scene that is going to push me as an actor.

Derek Strong Acting Headshot
Derek S.,
Actor / Filmmaker

This studio is amazing and has a lot to offer for anyone from any level of experience. I walked into the studio looking to enhance my leadership skills in the corporate area. which it did. I loved it so much that my life now revolves around acting and film production, to the extent that I have started my own company.

Babcock studios will prepare you to get out of your comfort zone, while at the same time creating an environment of trust. The people I have met in the studio are some of the most creative, courageous, and friendly people.

It is really nice to learn from an expert who has spent a career in L.A. and working on numerous TV and movie sets. Todd has created a unique experience that you will not find anywhere else in Colorado.

I highly recommend taking classes at Babcock Studios.

Nicole P Denver Acting Student.jpeg
Nicole P.,
Actress / Filmmaker

Acting classes with Todd Babcock at Babcock Studios have been an amazing investment! Even though I had acting and performance experience, starting with the Fundamentals workshop helped me learn both industry knowledge and dive back into practical acting exercises.

Continuing into the scene study class has helped me keep my tools sharp in between castings and the community of actors is of such a high-calibre that many of us create and draw from the Babcock student community for our own film projects. The ability as a student to audit each class is also extremely beneficial.

The advanced study waitlists are a testament to the value so many students get by joining the studio and, through auditing until placement, can be a great way to learn through observation, prep yourself for class, and develop relationships in the community.

Todd takes each student's success he brings into his studio seriously. It is an honor to work with him, benefit from his decades of Hollywood experience, and of course have fun geeking out about cinema, film, and acting techniques!

I highly recommend this studio.

Alora C Los Angeles Acting Student.jpg
Alora C.,

Every single person I know, including myself, who got coaching from Todd in the art of acting, became a better actor. He has a gift. His knowledge and insight into the craft is impressive. And he's a great person.


If you are combing the internet looking for that leap in your acting skills you've been seeking, you've found it. I'm not kidding. He will deconstruct and reconstruct you into better than you've imagined.

Angie K Denver Coloraddo Acting Student Testimonial
Angie K.,
Actress / Filmmaker

About a year ago, I walked into Babcock Studios for the first time. Since then, I haven’t left. From Fundamentals to Scene Study, private coaching and studio events, I have grown as both an actor and a person, and I’ve had the best time doing it. The community at the studio is a safe space made up of the coolest people who I enjoy being around. First and foremost is Todd, who treats each of his students with respect and insight. He cares about each of us as people and develops us in our craft through his knowledge and effective approach. Kassie compliments Todd’s interaction by being one of the most pleasant, helpful, and encouraging people I’ve ever worked with. She efficient and detailed in her communication. Furthermore, she speaks life into us by supporting each of us behind the scenes. Babcock Studios. Highly recommended!

Austin C Denver Acting Student Testimonial
Austin C.,

Honestly I could not say enough amazing things about Todd Babcock and his studio. It's where I have set my feet for a long time as an actor in training because I continue to be challenged. He has helped me grow as an actor tremendously. Todd has a way of communicating with, and helping grow, the new actor as well as the seasoned professional actor. He will meet you where you're at. He is a gifted communicator, teacher, and, to me, he strikes the perfect balance b/w being encouraging and honest/truthful in his acting feedback to his students. I recommend 100/100.

Hunter C Denver Colorado Acting Student Testimonial
Hunter C.,
Actor / Filmmaker

I have been studying with Todd for almost two years. He is an amazing teacher that really gets the best out of you. He will push you to succeed and become the actor that you strive to be. You will grow as an actor and as a human being. I highly recommend his class!

Deloris Evans Denver Acting Headshot.jpg
Deloris E,

It's very hard to find quality studios here in Denver. But, Babcock Studios is one of the very few places that you can go and actually get top notch training. Not only will you develop your skills and learn the business of acting... you end up with a wonderful coach who actually believes in you and truly supports you. He provides a safe space for his students and everyone there supports one another. It's a wonderful place to be.