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Jack Gleeson ('Game of Thrones') on the modern celebritization of culture

It is a very common occurrence in the film industry to watch child actors grow up in front of our eyes. Sometimes that journey starts when they are babies handed off to actors during birthing scenes or perhaps when they are infants and are used to sell diapers, baby food or even car tires. In Hollywood there is an entire sub-industry dedicated to kids. Children's agencies, classes and even entire housing complexes exist for out-of-towners who commute in for pilot season to see if they can get their children cast on a show . The effect on the child can be varied depending on parenting and that child's relationship to the work. While the culture has a fascination with the destructive tendencie

Down the Call-Sheet: Christian Camargo in 'House of Cards'

(Down the Call-Sheet is a weekly "discovery" of a great performance by an actor/ actress whose name may not be currently known to the public but deserve some special notice.) Christian Camargo is one of those actors whose varied work in prominent projects ('Twilight: Breaking Dawn', 'Dexter') can sometimes slip by unnoticed due to the mere fact the actor does such a great job. It is one of the ironies of the profession that if you really immerse yourself into a character the audience fails to notice you from one project to the next. Meaning, the better you do your job the more elusive you become. It is also a by-product of our ever expanding media landscape that an actor can light up an epi

Down the Call-Sheet: Lois Smith in 'The Americans'

(Down the Call-Sheet is a weekly "discovery" of a great performance by an actor/ actress whose name may not be currently known to the public but deserves some special notice.) Lois Smith is one of those actresses you've seen a hundred times in a hundred things but her name might not come to mind to the casual viewer. She is what is commonly referred to as a 'character actress'. This term is often confusing because it implies the actor is the type to 'play a character' which is, of course, what every actor should be doing. In Hollywood it's simply a blanket term to mean you aren't a leading man or lady. Yet, at age 85, Lois Smith is still as potent and beautiful as ever. (Spoiler alert ) In t

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