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Teen Acting Intensive

Teen Acting Intensive

Teen Acting Intensive

Teens 13-17

Currently Not Offering

This intensive is designed for that teen performer who is ready for the professional expectations of an adult actor. In a fun, creative, yet demanding environment, each young person will start developing their own system of how to work in a safe environment. Scenes from film, television, and theater will be employed to build their intellectual, emotional, and creative strengths. Actors will also learn a great deal about how the industry works and what they can expect as they grow into the artists/professionals they want to become.

- Students must interview on Zoom or phone for placement

*Zoom is preferred.


- Ages 13 - 17

  • Improv

  • Monologues

  • Scene Work

  • Script Analysis & Design

  • On-Camera Information

  • Industry Information

  • Actor's Toolkit

      (Headshots, Resumes, Demos)

  • Self-Tape Practice & Insights

  • Industry Q&A with Parent

SATURDAYS - 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

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Students may interview by phone or on Zoom


* Please note – 

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